Sunday, October 12, 2008

Up From the Muck

Frequently, the symbol of the water lily has been commented upon because these flowers come up clean and beautiful from the green-black slime underneath. The metaphor could be that all the unpleasantness of life is destined to be the source for our most beautiful creations; our lives, ourselves, our expressions of love. Perhaps our goal in life could be to lift ourselves up from the depression,anger and trouble so that we too may create beauty with our lives. In every contact, may I honor the beauty in you. Namaste


  1. I love the photo. I know that everyday life can be wonderous only sometimes it feels like thick cloudy energy. May we all learn to experience our highest reality in this life.

  2. Out of the mud, beauty...ever pervading the mind. Beautiful flowers indeed. How often our decisive moments in life come right after a crisis or a loss.
    Om Ah Hung Vajra Guru Pema Hum (This is the fundamental mantra of the Vajrajana school of Buddhism/ Indestructible Diamond Mind)

  3. Cynthia, it seems to be working. As far as muck goes, I am sure that my old dog would have loved it. He just stopped being a white dog and became red like the mountain clay in Puerto Rico. And of course, there's no fertilizer like manure.
    I read your yoga comments and was impressed. I am a dilettante in so many things. I did a few poses today, but nothing too strenuous. I brought some seeds from the country and another summer squash. There is one you could wear as a necklace.

  4. Cynthia, I love all the photos like yogini said. It even looks like you can publish them in a book with all your experiences especially as an ex-patriate in the Caribbean Island of caos Puerto Rico. I have to be honest I want to read all your entries again, I just glanced over them and didn't read them all. The one that caught my attention was the one on your mom's murder. I think of it and I hurt. You must still be hurting. I still hurt at mom's death, I cannot imagine if she would have been murdered. How hard it must be to forgive that man. You must think, why her? Maybe it comes from a previous life and she was liberated through that. I can't find an explanation, maybe your mom and that man were enemies in another life , I don't know, it' s better not to rationalize and try to understand things, let's get back to our routine,


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