Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blogland Lane Introductory Post

Hi friends! Come over to Blogland Lane for a visit. I've just posted an introduction of myself and life in Puerto Rico. Maybe you would like to join a cyber-neighborhood? (I'm number 70 and there are about 30 spaces left!)


  1. I'm glad you joined Blogland Lane. I look forward to perusing this looks really interesting to me, since I live in the Cariboo in BC. We're opposite in climate, I think, lol!

  2. Welcome! So glad you want to check out Oasis. Yes, we are in different climate zones-both beautiful!

  3. Cynthia

    I definitely want a place and a space. How do I go about this? I confess to wanting to be your neighbor! Love the poster/painting?

  4. Wow, good for you....I have yet to get a place there.....maybe I will now! Hope you had a good weekend!

  5. hello cynthia, i'm one of your neighbors delighted you have moved to blogland lane. (i'm actually the acting mayor but fortunately the mayor doesn't have administrative duties, just social ones) :)

    linda, on the sidebar of blogland lane you'll see how to move in. you start with choosing a # and debra kay will set you up from there.

    okay, cynthia, now i'll read your posts here a bit.


  6. hi cynthia, i have been trying but can't seem to make it work...have any ideas?

    perhaps i shall just go try again now that i see the comment from kj although i think that is what i did... ah well, maybe it is not to look very sweet in the previous post, btw ;)

  7. Friends who want to be neighbors!! Keep trying! It took me a while because it's a learning process and it takes time to get answers from your email questions. (Linda- keep at it.) I hope we all can share neighbor-space.

    Linda S.-is this the comment you meant? (re: facebook comment) I don't have comment moderation on. I'm not getting notifications in my email, though. Rather, I am not getting every notification.


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