Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poetry Speaks


a restful moment

~in a life that~

tends to go dull

~in flat moments~

too frequently grounded

~in anxious tasks~

and tense hope ...

Do you ever just need a little break from the hustle-bustle life?

Even a life that is full of tasks that you both want and need to do can feel overwhelming at times. Sometimes I start to wonder if I'm living the way I want to-where's the art? Where are those lovely moments? I can get so anxious that I feel sort of cocooned in a coping numbness that zaps the joy from my life. Poetry is an antidote to that feeling- as is art.


Recently, I started getting The Writer's Almanac delivered to my email address each morning. Blogger Dana mentioned that she enjoyed starting her day by reading a poem each morning. I followed up on her link suggestion and started a free subscription to The Writer's Almanac. It's such a pleasure to know that I will have that little treasure waiting for me each morning along with the sometimes dreaded business email that comes flooding in- along with plenty of spam! These photographs are views that I've taken just before going off to work in the morning. I imagine that many of you also take out your phone camera and like me, look for that inspirational view to capture and perhaps post in a future blog?


I've had exciting news this week. My daughter, Amber, was nominated for the US Presidential Scholar Program/award! It was thrilling to know that she scored so high on her SAT. She also just recieved another honor- The Provost Scholarship- it's a cash award for academic excellence that goes towards one of her colleges. Did I tell you that she's applied to ten universities? Each one has so much paperwork for the parent to complete. I get anxious about my obliglations. Will I forget an important deadline? Argh. Still everything that is a stretch (even for my own good) has that transition tension and anxiety- at least that's how I experience it. We're going to Colorado for a long weekend to check out a couple of universities soon. My "to do list" grows!

I'd love to hear how you all engage life with vitality and inspiration.

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  1. Some of us are retired, working hard at keeping active.

    Congratulations to your smart and savvy daughter.

  2. Wonderful Cynthia!. This is really an exciting time for her!

  3. What wonderful way to start 2010 Cynthia! Your daughter doing so well most certainly has roots from your nurturing and guidance.

  4. I love your photos, Cynthia.

    Congratulations on your daughter's achievement. I'm sure the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

  5. Oh congratulations to a justly proud mum of Amber's achievements. She has got it all from you, I'm sure of it (your husband might not agrree though)

    I love poetry and my current module on the course is indeed poetry. I've just written a poem about hands.

    Thinking of you and am sure you will have a smashing time in Colorado. Is it just you and Amber going or will it be the whole family?


  6. dear friend..nice to c ya stay connected..wishes..:)

  7. Lakeviewer,

    Gosh, I don't think you are inactive at all! You seem to always have ideas going on. Retirement is just another way to say, you have new tasks. Btw- you are certainly still teaching! :-)

    Linda, hugs back to you friend, and thanks!xx

    Sheila,thank you! I know you also will have great success with your girl! She loves art, too- now where does she get that from? Her mom...yes! Take care and thanks for coming over.

    Thanks. Still I have to give her credit for being her own apple! (She would insist!) :-)

    Mrs. FF,

    How funny that you had a chat with Cate Blanchet in the rest room! -about lipstick color? Which colors did you two like? I certainly believe that you love poetry. I bet your OCU course is going to be a joy this time. Thanks for the congratulations! (We are going on a long weekend with just mom and daughter.) One of the schools is flying us out on their dime! Mr. W would give lots of credit to me-btw-but he also is a strong influence. She grew up in a household of two parents constantly studying ---some of it rubbed off! xx

    R, Good wishes back to you!

  8. Kudos to your daughter! That's wonderful news. (hey, I love your new clean blog look)

  9. Lovely photos, as always...what a nice way to get to work!

    I keep thinking of that Joseph Campbell thing "Follow Your Bliss" and I think therapy is helping me vision happiness instead of sadness and that I can change how I view life and be happier, even if it's just mini-breaks from the helps.

  10. Congrats to your brilliant daughter, mom. You have done well!!! Lovely poetry - I like the energy, calming and vibrant at the same time.

  11. iso, thanks!
    That's so true...I have to remember the lessons from Joseph Campbell, and thanks to you I remember. It's good to take mini-breaks and shift the energy of the day. (Today was difficult...I was well past my tolerable stress level.)Still I can think of little moments where the sun warmed my face, and I was petting Ashly- our little grey puppy...gentle moments...that's what I needed to give energy to. Thanks for your visit! xx

    Hi Mama Shujaa, such a nice comment! I am so please to have made contact with you, and honored that you visit. About your blog post- We live quite near Haiti, and I'm glad that there are people in the States (like you) who care about this disasterous situation. We all have to find ways to ease the suffering there. xx

  12. Hi, Willow! Thanks for coming by and for celebrating A's success with me...yes, I decided to go a bit clean and plain on the blog look...I'm working on de-cluttering all of my spaces!

  13. That first image was fun as was the verse. You live in a beautiful place. I can see how that would make you turn to poetry. Congratulations to Amber!! You are right that a blog makes us remember to capture the beautiful moments. I like the clean, new look on your blog.

    I like to start my day with exercise as it helps me to wake up and to think. It’s a jump-start for my imagination before I sit down to write. At the end of the day I wind down reading a novel. Reading blogs like yours is also inspiring.

  14. Hello Cynthia, did I write this post instead of you? If my daughter's name was amber I would be sure these challenges are mine!!

    Congrats to amber.

    I 've found that it helps to put myself first. By that I mean I 'schedule' time for writing or friends or whatever and I block out the time just as I would if it were a job.

    And then I protect that time unless there is an emergency.

    10 college apps--whew. What a relief when they're done and out


  15. Hi! I found you via Expat women.
    I enjoy reading stories from around the world!
    I too get lost in the responsibilities of motherhood. Trying to find a balance. Congratulations to your daughter. You're traveling to Colorado? I used to live south of Denver in Highlands Ranch!

    Enjoy the Rocky Mountains.

  16. Sarah,

    Wonderful to hear that you have such a positive routine. Do you exercise in the house or go for a walk/run? I have done both but lately I'm a bit stuck...I want a new exercise routine. I'm inspired by reading your blog too...your images are lovely!

    thanks for sharing your thoughts. I used to have "private time" when the kids were young. I'd go down to a cafe and write, go for a walk or maybe just read by the beach. Now I live in the mountains and we have so much space around us...I just wait for the days I'm home alone. Maybe I should rethink that? You have lots of energy! Take care.


    So nice that you found me here. I've just signed up over at the exp women's directory. It good to hear from someone who is also living around the world. I'll look for your community in Denver when I get there.

  17. congrats on your daughter......those applications are a pain.....I will keep you all in my thoughts......what a great time in one's life.....I remember collage fondly....but I wish I was told to take advantage of all that was offered.



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