Monday, November 24, 2008

Daphne's Comment on Goodbye Sun

Daphne wrote a comment that got left behind in the older post. I wanted to share it with you and thank her for her participation. I selected the photo below because it seems to be Daphne's favorite balance pose and she holds it to full extension for a long time! Daphne is a member of
the Yoga for Stress Relief group, I facilitate. I so enjoy her chatty participation. Here is her comment:

I love all the photos like yogini said. It even looks like you can publish them in a book with all your experiences especially as an ex-patriate in the Caribbean Island of chaos, Puerto Rico. I have to be honest, I want to read all of your entries again, I just glanced over them and didn't read them all. The one that caught my attention was the one on your mom's murder. I think of it and I hurt. You must still be hurting. I still hurt at my mom's death, I cannot imagine what it would be like if she would have been murdered. How hard it must be for you to forgive that man. You must think, why her? Maybe it comes from a previous life and she was liberated through that. I can't find an explanation... maybe your mom and that man were enemies in another life ... I don't know- it' s better not to rationalize and try to understand things- let's get back to our routine- cheers- Daphne.

Thank you for you heartfelt compassion, Daphne.


  1. Thank you for comment. Right now I'm melancholic thinking about sylvia and her daughters. You went through this maybe 10 years ago, I went through the death of my mother 6 years ago, the pink cowboy experienced it this year. today I was thinking wow I"ve lived most of my life already, I'm going to be 47 in January and I've lost many of my family members and now Sylvia who I considered her to be a close friend. I used to tell her everything; she was a very good listener. today I was thinking about all the turmoil in her life, her depression, her secrets, and her wanting to die. I think she was ready. Lately she had told me that so many of her friends had died, she was only 65. I wonder where will I be when I'm 65. My sister has lost many people in her life, she lost her daughter when the girl was 19 just like allie. Once she told me that she didn't like getting close to people because they would leave, I think she was talking about all the people in her life that have passed on. Well a new year is about to start and new things will come up, blessings to all,D

  2. the metaphor of calling your mom sun is superb, mothers are suns in one's life. the passing of sylvia has made me think so much lately, I"ve been thinking about her a lot lately. I used to call her when I was away to see how she was doing. Her depression took her away. She had a tough life raising those girls on her on and taking care of her quadraplegic brother. cynthia I jus tposted another comment and the "blog" tells me your comment will be visible after approval, what does that mean? It won't come up, is that it?

    takecare and have a happy new year,

  3. Daphne, I am sending you peaceful thoughts of well being...may you be surrounded in the light of your mom's devoted love. May your year ahead bring a powerful sense of well being and all of your highest desires come into being.
    BTW The comments are on track. Everything is working fine.


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