Monday, December 8, 2008

Dangerous Roads

The other day I got in a slight car accident. I was a passenger and the impacting car hit on the passenger side where I was sitting. I write "slight" because no one was hurt and there was minimum damage. Still, I was shaken on some level that was not readily apparent. My muscles have been sore for days, especially in my neck...I remembered the serious accident I had in the desert many years back and the neck problems...but recently, the real memory surfaced...the memory of my seventeen year old niece, Allie, and how she was killed in a car accident on highway 8 heading west toward San Diego. She was also a passenger and the teenage driver of the little car she was in lost control. Allie, extroverted and affectionate, was gone forever.

I think of my sister, Allie's stepmother, Linda, who took care of her the majority of Allie's life...and Sy who lost his only child...with compassion. Linda called me the night it happened, "Allie's dead" she said. I felt numb-shock when I first heard the words. I tried to be present for Linda as I asked for the details that she wanted to share. I believe this loss of a loved child is the most difficult experience anyone can go through.

Allie loved the water and would frequently swim with my son, Alex. She was up close and center-stage during my children's birthday parties. She helped my two year old daughter, Amber, open presents when the wrapping paper was as much fun as the gift inside. Allie was seven years old when we left California and whenever I spoke with her on the phone, it was as if no time had passed between us. She was immediate in her affection and shared a powerful heart-feeling with all those who knew her. Lately, my own children need to grow up and start driving but I think the pain in my neck stems from this heart-pain about Allie. I need and ask for the courage to allow my own children to start driving.

May the universe send love to Allie wherever she is so that in her ever-after she knows that we love her dearly. May the universal force support her father, Sy, for the rest of his life. And may my sister, Linda, be given all the blessings she deserves for her own great-heart and ability to love others as her own family.

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Allison (Allie) Mcgloughlin.


This is a link to an article about the accident.

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