Friday, December 26, 2008

Eartha Kitt (1927 - 2008)

Blogger friends, I have some news. On Christmas day, I posted "Santa Baby" to encourage you to remember to take a lighthearted look at our sometimes insatiable Christmas material greed. And it was on this day, while we were laughing with Eartha Kitt, that she died. She is a perfect example of someone who took the tattered fabric of her life and pieced together a creative and beautiful life-quilt. If you would like to read about this remarkable woman, go to "The Original Material Girl" by Richard Corliss at Time magazine:

Thank you blogger friend, The Pink Cowboy, for keeping me update.

photo (1960) Central Press/Getty at Time Magazine


  1. thank you for this post Cynthia...!
    i had a thought for her yesterday. It's been sad lately to say farewell to such great ladies, like Myriam Makeba too...

    have a peaceful week end..

    (also i wanted to thank you for your warmful comments and i have a stupid question...what is Swiss chard?)

  2. It's a Redbud. More information about anything
    regarding plants/trees, in Dave's, one of their readers informed
    me in that site.

    Those pictures are from April/May 2008

    Thnaks to you. Until next.


  3. My Castle in Spain, I do love the spirit of those women who seemed to fully express themselves. It's as if they fully know who they are at the exact moment of their expression, it become timeless art/music/being. Swiss chard is a reddish green lettuce. May you have a beautiful week.
    I'm posting a lot right now, did you read about the quilt/metaphor?

  4. SM, isn't it curious that a purple flowered tree is called a Redbud? Thanks for answering my question.


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