Thursday, December 25, 2008

Imagining Peaceful Action in 2009

And now dear bloggers, I must post the inspiring John Lennon (with the lovely and under appreciated, Yoko) performing his Imagine offered to you as a message of hope and love for us all. ("War is over, if you want it.")

Today, I'm listening to music by the master of heartfelt acceptance, humble sharing and spiritual upliftment to all, the understated guru himself, George Harrison, in "The Concert for Bangladesh". May we all remember who we really are and practice kindness in the year ahead.


  1. Yoko Ono was the light of truth after John Lennon was authentic inspiration. It's hard to beleive that she was so rejected by the papers in the early and mid years of their relationship.I feel such honor and respect for her.

  2. Yogini, I agree with you about Yoko. Did you notice at the house door,near the opening section, that there was a sign which said, "This is not here"? Now that is pure Yoko, she has a knack for living life with a fresh perspective.

  3. These two videos give me the chills (in the best way). How the world misses them and needs such people to continue to remind us what really matters.

    Cynthia, I've so enjoyed your comments and visits to my blog. I look forward to visiting you often and learning more about you. ;-)

  4. tangobaby, your visit to my blog is a real honor! Did you read the "My Sweet Lord" posting? That's the one that came to me after I read your Christmas blog about Jose Feliciano and George Harrison. (This blog was an extension of that idea.) I love my visits to San Francisco via your blog, it's one of my favorite cities. Your photo take on nature is exactly my idea of how to look at the world. And your words ring true!


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