Sunday, December 21, 2008

Little Brown Jug


  1. This song reminds me of my dad. His family lived in Baltimore during World War II and he had a ton of Big Band records at home. Thanks for sharing.He graduated from Georgetown University in 1948 so he experienced a lot of the war anxiety in Washington DC during this time. He used to tell me about the clubs he went to. During those years he worked once as a waiter on Embassy Row. Eleanor Roosevelt was in one of the tables he served. Thanks for sharing this morsel of great band music.

  2. TPC, isn't is amazing how music evokes the memory? I recently watch a documentary, I think it was "The Presidents" and took great interest in the section about Eleanor Roosevelt. I've always felt she was important but didn't quite understand why. She was more or less Acting President during one period of her husband's illness. Did you know that she lived in her own house, independently? BTW did you read the I Want You posting or click on the other imbeded vidio? Sometimes I post too many entries, I think, and then I don't get much feedback on the first one I post.

    While I've been reading other's blogs,I have noticed that most people don't write much. I guess the format is more conducive to quick blurbs? What do you think? I told the W and he said it was better to write as much as I wanted because it's material that I can put together later. I find it had to read more than a page on the screen but I'm getting more accustomed to it.

    Your blog template is easy on the eyes and so is willows.

  3. I think the length of your posts make no difference at all. I find I write more when I am reminiscing about my childhood. For me, blogging is about conquering the fear of criticism and a deep held perfectionist anxiety. I think blogs are the more satisfying when you are the most sincere.

  4. TPC, I know what you mean. It's wonderful to write what's in your heart!


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