Thursday, January 1, 2009

Going Downtown Again

Hi, blogger friends, I'm back with Petula Clark again. Okay. That other Downtown was peppy but this black and white version is cuter! Listen to it for a mood lift. Now, I'm going outside!


  1. I haven't thought about that song in ages...nice, downtown always good for a distraction! Sounds like you need to make a resolution not to make a resolution! I've been reading blogs today that are mostly about resolving to be better, nicer, kinder to oneself...I think I'll take that one!!

  2. i love your blog !
    its witty and real, well done xxx

  3. Blue Sky, I'll think about the 'kinder to oneself approach'. Right now, I got up, can't sleep, and am experiencing early morning bummer #2. May you paint your way to a beautiful life this year.

  4. Thanks, Lisa, for coming over from Australia to visit. Sometimes my reality is a bit much to take. Today, I'm thinking about another entry...but I think it violates my resolution not to pass on bummers. I wonder who will win, the writer's muse or the will to shut my mouth?? (stop my fingers?) Be well.


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