Sunday, January 4, 2009

We'll sing in the sunshine, we'll laugh everyday...

Joy vi : to experience great pleasure or delight (Webster's New Collegiate Dictionary -1977)

A Tag for anyone and everyone from the artists Sukipoet and Blue Sky Dreaming that is passed on to anyone and everyone who reads OWL blog.

Five-ish (to the point) things I do daily to bring joy into my life. (2 sets of 5=10)

1. Meditate every morning. (& practice yoga)

2. Avoid abrasive people. (Avoid conflict)

3. Read. Blog. Write. Listen.

4. Take care of something. (People, pets, garden...)

5. Confront something that I'm avoiding. (Confront conflict)

6. Make a plan. (& put plan into immediate action...Note below: Joy Inducing Plan #1 and Plan #2)

7. Focus on something beautiful and alive. (Nature, babies, people...)

8. Focus on something beautiful and created. (Music, art, food...)

9. Notice. (Life, others, growth)

10. Appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate.

SING ALONG: And now blogger friends, a most corny opportunity to karaoke along with We'll sing in the sunshine, lyrics included.

Plan # 1: Stop being too serious. Plan # 2: Stop making sense. (David Byrne-ism.)

Cringe and laugh along with this Helen Redding Muppet Show selection:
[Note Plan # 1]

What the heck! Watch David Move in the poorly recorded little gem!

[Note Plan # 2)

And finally any blogger who reads OWL blog and/or who needs a joy boost is free to copy and give themselves the Sukipoet Impartial "Puppy Love" Award- okay [confessional tone] I named it...I can't help it; I like words [yes, I know, a healthy rationalization, which I consider to be a necessary joy inducing skill--Bloggers note, (again) this follow on is an advanced level rationalization].
Does anyone have any questions? (David Byrnesque conclusion.)


  1. YEY David Byrne before the coffee even finished brewing this morning!!! It will be a good day. (And of course I needed him to get that sunshine song out of my head!) I went back to read your reply to my comment - nice to know about the 'Do Not Laugh in Puerto Rico after self-deprecating humor' rule. Have fun today.

  2. Cynthia, I just realized I didnt have you on my blogroll thing so have just added you so I can keep up with your posts. Anyway this is a great list. Re: plan 1 and 2 not sure I ever did make sense. Will return to peruse your blog a bit more slowly. I like that pink turban. Be well, Suki oh and also yr name for the award.

  3. Ok, my first thing to add to bringing joy into my life is to dance like David Byrne every day! Now on with that list...

    Teri and the cats of Furrydance

  4. Cynthia-
    Your post to me was so full of coincidences (on this day of coincidences) that it gave me chills! (1)I knew a baker who survived Auswitz because the Nazis loved his incredible cinnamon rolls. I have eaten them many times and the memory bring's tears to my eyes - it was always on a Sunday morning too. (2)I'm passionate about kneading dough. Love, love to bake. I must read "Bread Alone". (3)I remember "Linnea in Monet's Garden" but don't think I read it. Was out of the book biz by then I believe. I wrote a short novel for children about cats once.(ONCE!) (4)Don't get me started about 'Out of Africa'! It is one of my all time fav's. I have just changed the music in my head from D.Byrne to the soundtrack. Isn't it beautiful! (5)I read "Almost French" too and loved it. Do you know 'true pleasures' by Lucinda Holdforth - a memoir of women in Paris? I'm terrible at writing reviews but do look it up. I've read it several times.
    (6)I checked out Julie/Julia. Wish I had been there from the start but didn't have a computer then. I read that it's going to be a movie.
    Over and out -

  5. TCH 1 & 2 Dear Catherine, so enjoyed your "cats in Paris" post at A Thousand Clapping Hands and comments today!

    Teri, you might be intersted in TCH's post because there are some great cat details (drawings) and feline related stories. Also, I recommend that you observe your cat's antics and create a David Byrne/Furrydance'll be a hit! You could call it, "The Cat's Pajamas" (The guy with the Big Suit's already been taken- by David.)

    Sukipoet so glad we'll be able to keep in touch more easily now.

  6. Yep,yep.Good job.Love the list.

  7. High Desert Diva and Natalie, thank y0u and glad to please! :) You've lived through the music program, too, added bonus.

  8. This is a great list...full of giving and other words LOVE. Have a good day every day!

  9. Blue Sky Dreaming, I'm sure you remember the Beatle's song, "All you need is love, all you need is love, love,love is all you need." I was thinking about John Trevolta in "Michael" singing that song. It's so sad about his son Jett.

  10. Dear Cynthia, thanks for such a wonderful posting, you gave me such joy just reading it! The taking care, noticing, focusing and appreciating are what life if all about. It is great to connect with such a like-minded person!
    Love Dianne x x

  11. Dianne, so glad you enjoyed the post, I think it's good to remember what you do and why you do it, so life isn't so much of a drift...I think that's why I plan so keeps me as an active force in my own life, otherwise, I'd just go too much with the flow. I love it when you come over here to visit. It makes me feel connected to the world; I want to know myself as a world citizen who cares about all life.

  12. Avoiding conflict is as important as finding joy. I enjoyed your posting. David Byrne's a favorite of mine for many years.

  13. Hi TPC, Avoiding and confronting...striking the balance that's the key...or rather, in my humble opinion. Did you sing in the sunshine? <3 <3 <3 BTW Just saw your current favorite movie, Harvey Milk...incredible narrative, incredibly brave person!

  14. I think your suggestions for living more mindfully (horrible jargon but somewhat useful word) are super.
    I think blogging is great because we meet like minded people - and it makes us ponder what would appeal to others.
    Yes, it's good to enjoy our many blessings when others are not so lucky.
    I hate people who crab and moan about little things.......

  15. Elizabeth, May your exposure to crabbing an moaning be kept to a minimum.
    Welcome to OWL blog...I ponder a lot...then end up just letting the muse move me...what can I do...I am who I came to be up to this point.(Try to follow that circular sentence-ish!) I think you were talking about blogging or else this is, again,(dear blogger friends) I'm significantly OTW (Off the Wall-I know you know that...My exposure to young people is making me write stuff like that). :):)<3 (Will someone make it stop!?)

  16. I love the idea of not being too serious! FUN FUN FUN is what life is all about!
    Thanks for visiting my site!

  17. I saw your fun site, Fifi Flowers, and your Daisy Cottage. Cute!


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