Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Planting Acorns and Growing Oak Trees

Hello dear blogging friends,

Excuse my absence and thank you for your encouraging words...I am on the healing end of a seasonal cold...just a little cough remains. I have news:

The charming Catherine of A Thousand Clapping Hands has honored me with the Renee Award which was created by two artists, Bella and Ces:

It is one of the most meaningful awards in blogworld because it honors someone who is incredibly inspirational in her intelligent and witty writing. And by doing so, this award celebrates women's smart, strong and inspirational spirit. It honors women who spread joy and love like an acorn...a small package growing into a tall and sturdy oak tree which gives more acorns that continue growing into tall and sturdy oak trees. ..

Friends, I don't mean to be mysterious but I also have been out of touch this last week because of a multitude of acorn troubles. (Perhaps you've noticed that I'm a squirrel this week? I've taken some inspiration from Miss Potter again and read A Tale about Squirrel Nutkin who is naughty to the point of insolence!) As I mentioned, it's been a stressful week.

On Friday, I took myself to bed with chamomile tea, toast and a heavy dose of movie magic. Between intense viewing, a bit of light reading, cooking, cleaning, and dozing on and off all weekend, I feel nearly ready to face the world again. (At this point- in the beginning of the week- I caution myself that the only solution to this anxiety residue is to go into a problem solving mode.)

I think most of the troubling acorns are collected together into a light beige Easter basket, recently filled with pink or blue plastic grass, and the New Beginning Acorns will be set into the ground. Soon by the universal magic of life, they will grow into little sapling arbol de robles.

Back to the award:

I am instructed that award is to be passed on to one or many blogger(s) who are noted for their loving and encouraging words...actually, I researched the award (see the links above) and think it's up to me how (or if) I pass on this wonderful award. Here are the encouraging bloggers I selected. Thank you for your concern about my well being:

(Feel free to accept this award if I overlooked your charming, encouraging, witty self!)

1. Lori Ann of Lori Times Five

2. Elizabeth of About New York

3. Mrs. Fancy of French Fancy

4. Carol of The Writers Porch

5. Fhina of A Woman of No Importance

Finally, A quirky YouTube on the Subject of Acorns, Oak Trees and Mysterious Life:


  1. Wonderful post Cynthia....You very much deserve this award!...Sorry you are not feeling up to par...It may be a bit of that time of the year....We are recovering from Tornadoes that have been difficult...I was not directly affected but many friends were.

  2. Congratulations on your Renee! And the choices you made were wonderful choices.

  3. Do hope you are feeling a little better? Tea does work.
    Tea and Sympathy (this is even a little restaurant here in NY -- we should go there!)
    I'm terribly honored to get an award -- YOU do intelligent and witty writing. I merely babble.
    But I'm thrilled anyway.
    Thank you.

  4. Congratulations! A very deserving award...

  5. Hope this lovely award brought a smile to your face! I've missed you...glad you're on the mend.

  6. I'm glad you're beginning to feel better:) Congratulations on your award!

  7. Hope you continue to improve from the cold- sounds dreadful! Congratulations on the award, well deserved and it describes you to a T (that's a capital T!)

  8. Congratulations.....I am new to your site so am pleased to know that it will be a really good one to follow!!!!!!!

  9. I had the same cold Cynthia...it was a bad one! I hope you will be better soon.
    Congrats on your award!

  10. I'm glad you're feeling better! And there's a squrrel book? Imust look it up!!!

    Good pics for the blog awards! I am a recent fan of French Fancy and a longtime follower of Elizabeths'

  11. Cynthia dear, Oh i do hope you get your eggs/acorns sorted, perhaps a good spring cleaning is needed?

    I'm so glad your feeling better, sometimes these things take awhile to shake. Your remedy sounds just right though.

    Congratulations on your Beautiful Award, it is meant for you, you are all those things for so many, I love coming to the OWL for all the things I learn, the inspiration and mostly the love I always feel here.

    Thank you for giving it to me. I am really really thrilled. I'm hugging you, do you feel it?
    ♥ lori

  12. Hi Cynthia, I am sorry you have been feeling lousy.
    If all the recipients are like Gorgeous Lori, then yipee! I will go and find some beautiful people. Thank You.
    Nothing wise to say, it has been a crappy day, just love to you, and healing for what ails you.xx♥

  13. Congratulations on your award; and congrats to all the worthy recipients. I've met Lori Ann already and I will make sure I visit the others as well. Rest up and get well soon.

    Mama Shujaa.

  14. Congratulations Cynthia - I hope you are feeling a little better by now, xv.

  15. I was wondering what happened to you! Get better soon!

  16. Linda, so nice of you to come over and visit. I hope that everyone over there is fine. I lived in Tennessee for a year and there were many tornados. Once we had to drive to an overpass (under?) and wait underneath until the tornados passed over. It was exciting for the kids but I knew that those tornados could touch down and flaten a house! When I lived in Michigan, a tornado tore off our door and a bit of our roof tiles but our neighbor's house was distroyed. I hope your friends are fine. Take care xx <3

    Lakeviewer, thanks...you visit some of the same blogs, I know. Have a lovely week. <3

    Elizabeth, how charming you are!! I enjoy your "babble" (sounds biblical!) I know you specialize in photography...but you are a writer and you leave adorable comments. We should get some tea together...lovely idea! <3

    Sheila, are you back on the job permanently? I hope you don't give up your art retirement....it's coming along so well. Thanks for your visit! <3

    Yes, thank you for thinking of me. I'm feeling better...just a little run down. I turn into such a hermit when I'm sick. I will visit you soon. xx <3

  17. Ms. Lucy, glad to have you visit, friend. Did you notice that I posted the award you gave me a couple of weeks ago...the zombie chicken? That was a funny idea! People are so imaginative, aren't they? Take care and stay away from all germs!! <3

    JBA, so nice to have a visit from you! I hope that twins are happy and not driving you crazy...boys can be so active! My sister's twins are grown now but she certainly had her hands full. You had a little break recently, I know. Take care. <3

    Artist, welcome back. I hope I do live up to these compliments...yikes! I will be over to visit soon and see what you are up to...<3

    Pat, so sorry to hear that you were suffering with this dreadful cold. It still is hanging on a bit. I'm going to practice some healing visualizations today in my yoga group. Take care and drink lots of fluid! <3

    Sydney, hi there! Yes, just click on the book title and you can read the story. It's kind of strange because it's full of riddles and I'm terrible at solving them. Maybe I'm a little lazy about the puzzle? I always want the answer. Maybe, you can illuminate me? Potter even writes that everyone knows these riddles...not me! Take care. <3

    Lori Ann, yes, that will take care of it...spring cleaning my internal house! -maybe a juice fast? Thank you for the kind words about Oasis Writing Link...and for the generous hug!xxo <3

    Natalie, I see you surrounded in love and light. May whatever bothers you simply resolve itself...have a lovely week...love back to you times 10! <3

    Mama Shujaa,hi friend! I appreciate your coming over to read and your own positive proactive self! I hope all is going well. <3

    Vickie,thanks for the goodwill. You know that I really appreciate your interesting blog site and your insight on life generally. I'm glad you didn't forget about me! <3

    Susanmuses, hi there! Do you like your new blog site? What made you change? I will be over to read some of your poetry soon. Take care <3

  18. SO glad to hear that you are doing better. Yeah! =)

  19. Well done on another award and the words that go with it fit you to a *t*. thanks for giving it to me and I hope you feel back to fighting fitness very soon


  20. Dear Cynthia,
    Thank you so much for your comment in my blog. And I’m sorry for my delayed reply.
    I’d be happy to know about your views and comments. And I’ll be looking forward to your presence in the debates in my blog.
    Your blog OWL is really nice. I noticed that your “Autobiography and Jamaica Kincaid” is open only to invited readers, so I couldn’t read it.
    I hope you get well soon. And I’d like to congratulate you on the beautiful Renee Award. No doubt your writings give life.

  21. Paris,thank you for your good wishes! I'm feeling much better. <3
    French Fancy, I bought some exercise pants and my good intentions to walk somewhere today...now it's raining! Maybe I will wait it out. I'm sipping Earl Grey tea with honey and milk...soon I will be back to my healthy self, no doubt...only I probably shouldn't get soaked...hum...thanks for coming over again and for your lovely comment. <3

    Hossein J., welcome! What a nice presence you have...I appreciate your words and hope you come back soon. <3

  22. Cynthia, I just saw this award at Mrs Fancy's and thought is was very beautiful, so I am greatly honoured that you have seen fit enough to bestow it upon me... Thank you, gracias, lovely Cynthia.

    I shall enjoy passing it on, and thank you for introducing me to some new bloggers too - I was very impressed by them, and feel delighted to be in such enchanting company as yours and theirs.

    I hope you feel more like you very soon - I love your profile picture - The energy shines from you, C. x

  23. Fhina,
    So glad that you like the award. I'm glad that you enjoy the blog sites I also enjoy. You are charming and lively- such a pleasure to have you here at OWL blog. xx <3


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