Friday, May 29, 2009

Negotiating Change

The summer is a time of change for me. When I go out to work, my schedule is planned out with deadlines and tasks but at home every one's schedule is in flux. We are like a rug just given a great smart shake. Ouch!! So far I got sick, my husband got sick and now my daughter. Only my son has been spared. I'm wary of the domino effect and continue to glance at him sideways. Why do we get sick at semester's end? As a matter of fact, what is it about seasonal change that brings on a cold? I'm not sure of the answers but I do know some ways that I use to negotiate the transition and I thought I would post them to remind myself. If you are undergoing a similar situation feel free to try them and add your own in the comment section:

1. Get up in the morning at a regular time and meditate or do something soothing.

I found a gentle chant for you to play:

2. Go outside and appreciate nature...

3. Create a work and play plan...

4. Make sure you go to bed at a regular time.

5. Laugh as often as possible.

6. Re-evaluate your life in gentle doses...(Don't overwhelm yourself by creating drama.)

What do you do to negotiate change? I have a friend who schedules all of her yearly medical checkups at this time. I wonder if I should try that? I went to the doctor about an infection and he said many people were coming in for the same thing; it must be the seasonal change. This is Puerto Rico, we're in the tropics! What seasonal change are we experiencing? It's just hot, hotter, hottest. I'm wondering how subtle shifts in climate can cause a significant change. Do our thoughts about change interfere with our adjustment?

Here's an attitude shifting video from 1966, it's Abbe Lane and "The Tom Hansen Dancers" (You don't know them? -neither do I!) They are "Havin' A Heat Wave" on "The Red Skelton Hour" :

It certainly puts a smile on my face!
What am I doing now? (smile's gone...)I'm off to the doctor. Whether or not it's the weather, my daughter's it the flu? I hope she recovers soon because tomorrow she's going to a prom. (Note: positive thinking.)


  1. Cynthia, how did we ever turn out "normal" with entertainment like that? Gay male dancers (the public was unaware, but one look at them with eyes from the 21st century and its obvious that they were used to scooting their butts on more than just stages) and women dressed like bargain basement Sheherezades. Well, the intense seriousness about a song that is silly "She's causing a heat wave by letting her seat sway..." has its charm. It reminds me of the end of Blazing Saddles. Mark

  2. We cannot negate the effect of quick travel. Remember, in some parts of the world, winter and flu season are just beginning. Influenza from these areas is only one quick plane ride away. What used to take forever to travel the globe, now gets to us in no time at all.

    Remember the adage that fluid is the solution to viral pollution. Drink up and drown those bugs. I hope you're all better soon. Especially, your daughter.

  3. Love this post. I would like to
    print it and share in my office with your permission?

    I think we run run run and then when we slow down a bit....or sometimes...fall down in exaustion.... our bodies react...We live in allergy land...Difficult to escape some impact here in the south.

    Love your blog Cynthia and I appreciate you!

  4. Great advice and funny clips. I hope your daughter gets to her prom.

  5. Cynthia, I'm sorry to read that most of your family has been ill, and I certainly hope your daughter will be feeling well enough to go to her prom and that your son doesn't catch what you've all had.

    I think illness does strike more easily in times of stress, but then we can also just be in the wrong place at the wrong time and catch it from someone who is contagious. In NYC, where I live, we are crowded into subways and I think it's a miracle we aren't sick all the time. The swine flu is infecting school children here like wild fire, but luckily most get well soon.
    The most important rule is "wash your hands" as most colds are passed by hand to nose or eye contact. When someone is ill in the household everything touched has to be cleaned, and all hands washed frequently. Children/adults should be taught to cough and sneeze into the crook of the elbow and not into the hands.

    Feel better soon!

  6. I love your advice Cynthia- we have to remind ourselves that our own time is very important and taking care of one's self helps us take better care and appreciate everyone and everything around us. Thanks:)

  7. Great advice, I will try to follow it. I have a cold remedy for you. It cuts the duration of my colds in half. I sip giant glasses of fresh lemon and water, but the real trick is rinsing out my nasal passages with salt water. Indian Neti Pots! Sea salt and water works wonders. Sounds gross but it really works. Peace.

  8. Sorry to hear you're under the weather, Cynthia. Hope you're back to your perky, effervescent self soon.

    I'm starting to feel sick just thinking of all that hot, hotter and hottest heat you have down there!

  9. Mark, I think you focused entirely on the heat wave!!! Everytime I think of it, I get a smile on my, that's entertainment! Thanks for commenting, buddy-O (I can't help it, I'm still smiling from your reaction.) <3

    Rudee, thanks for the excellent "drink liquids" advice. It's late afternoon now and we've just returned home. Dr. V. said, "Drink lots of tomato, Sprite's okay..." When your stomach is unsettled, it's hard to drink...but necessary. I think she will be okay for tomorrow...not quite a fever...99.34 (but I had given her some fever reducing medicine so I'm not sure it was accurate.) Thanks again for the "fluid" advice, Rudee. <3

    Linda S.,

    sure go ahead and reprint for your office. I hope the tips help someone. Yes, we cannot escape every potential germ and/or harmful influence...we just have to make ourselves strong in body, mind and spirit. Love to you <3

    Lakeviewer, thank you for the visit, well wishes and sharing a laugh with me. <3

    Pat, great tip to remember to wash your hands...can you imagine living in NYC and remaining healthy??! Oh, yes, that's do it! I think we got our first case of swine flu here...everyone was in a panic until we were told that it reacts differently in the heat. I guess it has trouble thriving...yea! Or was that just a little white lie???

    During our first years here, we all got dengue...first my husband (who did not go to the doctor),then my son, then me, then a week later my daughter. We all were exposed in the same house, same place...but only one-my case-was recorded as dengue.

    My daughter's condition, which was serious was changed from dengue to unknown viral son...just happened to have a virus with the same dengue symptoms.

    Later, we heard the treatment-trucks smoking the area (with poison)to kill the mosquitoes. Somehow they knew that we had a problem in our area...even without the accurate data. I suspect medical data reporting now...
    Thanks for your comments. <3

    Ms. Lucy, so true. I also need reminded to take care of myself when the kids are sick. I often forget to eat. I can't sleep, either, because I want to be ready to help in an emergency. Thanks for the visit! <3

    Butternut, what a good idea...we have a limon (a cross between a lemon and lime)tree, I will go outside and see if they are ready to be picked. I have heard that neti pots are useful...but I haven't yet bought's on the list. Gross or's probably an effective treatment for all of the fungus here. I have a friend (Mark up there)who swears by the method. Love to you.<3

    I have read that you do not like hot I'm still smiling about that heated thought...may you always have a light breeze on any hot day you encounter (I almost wrote hot air!) My "humor" treatment seems to be working. <3

  10. Thank you for a nice respite today! Sometimes I do forget to relax...

  11. I totally agree. I think people underestimate the importance of regular sleep patterns.(From One who KNOWS!!!!).Also, I would add a healthful diet to fuel a flagging engine.
    I am sending my strongest positive thoughts, to Amber so that she can the 'belle of the ball'.
    Love to you all.xx♥

  12. Cynthia...great post!Remember this...the higher your stress level, the lower your imune system! Have a great weekend sweetie!

  13. If it's any consolation, my baby and husband have been fighting a nasty cold all week too. Whenever I feel a cold coming on I start taking extra zinc--tastes nasty but it works for me.

  14. Hope you guys are feeling better now and thanks for the tips!

  15. Thanks for these tips, seasonal change always affect our body and some people couldnt take that change so they get sick.

  16. I been having bad migraines because of the hot weather. Get well soon!

  17. No wonder the ladies are hotter than Hades, huh? lol...hilarious :)

  18. Course if you live in a country of grey clouds and rain then we have no off season for colds, just winter followed by summer ones!!

  19. Hi C,
    I negotiate change with a celebration...and as much laughter and silliness as possible. Old re-runs of the Red Skelton show would certainly work. This afternoon I watched old re-runs of the Johnny Cash Show. Really made me happy. Hope you all get well soon.
    Love to you,

  20. Teri, glad you took the time to watch/listen and just relax a bit. May you have a lovely Sunday. <3
    Natalie, I know that you understand the problem of broken sleep patterns...I hope that you get all the rest you need. My daughter went to the prom! She was elegant dressed in black...quite a woman. Her boyfriend hired a sleek black limo to pick them up! It was so sweet that the the neighbor came out and I saw her wipe tears out of her eyes. I'm grateful that her health returned so quickly. Love to you <3

    Joyce-Ann, the zinc cure...I never tried it... I hope you and your family feel better soon. What a shame that everyone has a cold! <3

    chubskullit, thanks for the visit and your good thoughts. <3

    John, yes...I guess that's what happens...thanks for the visit! <3

    ryliej,I hope your headaches go away soon. What a problem...caused by hot weather? You live in a place that has seasons, right? What about the sunlight...I read that that causes migrains. Take care. <3

    Braja, cute! You found the naughtly line...not me...!!! Love to you <3

    Fire Byrd, oh no...the UK has more than that, I hope. When I was there during the months Aug/Sept (1980!!) it was green, lush, a bit of rain...and brilliant sun. I loved the weather. Coming from CA at the time...I might have been moisture deprived. <3

    Great plan Catherine!

    I love the way you celebrate, creative. Great dinners and creations.

    I think I would enjoy reruns of Johnny Cash too...though he had real talent...I guess he's a slice of country history...sometimes the presentation gets quirky...I saw a video of him singing with June Carter which was enhanced by a dove flying up towards heaven and then it came down and landed on one of their heads and commenced flapping! It was disconcerting, I thought it might leave droppings. :-)

    Thanks for your well-wishes...we are all healing!!! for the celebration! Love to you <3

  21. That is EXACTLY what I look like when I'm dancing.

    And I love: Don't overwhelm yourself with drama. Yup.

  22. Beth, okay!! Are you scooting on the floor or are front and center wiggling your hips? If "drama" is a clue...I would guess you are doing the cha cha with Abbe Lane! Thanks for the visit...and keep dancing. <3

  23. Up here in Canada we definitely have a variety of climate changes and it does affect ones health. Adding or removing layers of clothing, sometimes prematurely, often causes people to become ill when they normally feel quite healthy. Mix that with a lot of people who don't wash their hands while handling certain items just helps to spread sicknesses, such as the flu, rather quickly.

    Loved all of the clips. The old Red Skelton clip reminds me of Sunday evenings in front of the tele. May have actually seen that the first time around. Great post Cynthia.

  24. I am so sorry to hear you and yours are all suffering through the change of pace you are now going through with routines changing and the weather getting hotter and hotter!! yikes! I hate hot weather and if it gets into the high 80's, I do my share of bitching and moaning...I do think when we come to an end of anything, a season, a job, a routine change, a test, a time of extremes of any emotion, physically we tend to let down and thus, go to physical you think it is more than simply semantics? I have no idea but know it happens to me and mine too....hoping all goes well after things settle into a new and simpler routine of summer and "the livin' is easy" perhaps?! I loved your suggestions, try and do many of them myself to maintain "some" semblance of health and really pay if I don't pay attention!

    thank you for your sweet comments on my bird collage too...they are always so appreciated.

    blessings to you and yours...

  25. Bogey, I remember that snowland rationale for colds...they said the same think in Michigan. Wear layers, if you sweat, you chill. And then if you do everything right...layer negotiation-wise, you won't get a cold. I think that's why in a warm place I thought you woudn't get a cold. Actually, here people do say it's the air conditioning inspired hot-cold-hot cycle.
    Thanks for reading. I'm off to wash my hands!
    Take care <3

    Linda,hi there you inspired artist. I loved your bird collage...all of your work is emotionally rich.

    I think I left of regular bedtime and wake up time...but I don't worry about that...because if I go to bed, I will wake up early. I used to have to set an alarm but now I just wake up at a reasonable hour...with the birds and the sun. Everyone is feeling better here. it just lasted a day and then the 'residue' feeling for the following day. Thanks so much for the comment.<3

  26. C
    Hi...sure u and fmly are much better now and cheerful as ever..Thanks for your continuous encouragement though I was not regular in my postings and comments the whole of last month. Thanks also for continuing to spread cheer and positive thinking..stay connected

  27. H Ramesh, I know that you have been on the move with irregular access to a computer. I look forward to continued witty and serious posts from you in the future and appreciate that you came over to leave a comment.

    We are all well (or nearly) and summer is going full sluggish speed ahead...everyone is starting new projects. Take care and may all be well for you and your family. <3

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  29. Hi Cynthia. Thanks for visiting my blog! Now that I know about yours, I will click to be a devotee.

    I enjoyed this musing post about change and adaptation. Your tips are good ones.

  30. Hi Cynthia, what a lovely post, you are such a sweetheart to generously share all these tips and videos.
    I like to think of change as a friend and welcome it, whatever comes, because it is inevitable.
    Feel better OWL family!

  31. I love that rug simile! Definitely keep laughing. Routines help with change and always a good idea to see your doctor annually.

  32. Oh, I loved Red Skelton when I was a little girl.
    And I'm sorry you've been sick!! Being sick in the summertime is just the worst!! Feel better!

  33. San,I sure appreciate that you came over to visit and decided to follow. I love having more artist/writers in the group to relate to...and your post about the larger than life man was delightful! Welcome.<3

    Homer, hi there. How did you find me? I wonder what the salsa bit is about...maybe you are from Puerto Rico? Take care and good luck! <3

    Science Bloggers,
    Thank you for the visit! I went over to your group blog but was a bit perplexed about what you were creating there. I see lots of energy and that's always fun. Take care! <3

    Lori Ann, so happy to hear about your wonderfully successful trip to Africa. Now you need a bit of rest, I'm sure. Hat's off to you and the good work you do with your blog and the surprising connections it provides. (Couldn't resist the hat pun!!) Love to you and the OWL family is much better. <3

    Sarah, yes, as you wrote in your own blog last's better to laugh...I couldn't agree more. I did make an appointment with the doctor and take all of my lab test. (Now for the follow up!)Thanks for commenting on the simile, I'm glad you appreciated it. (It made me laugh!) <3

    Pamela T&E, thanks for the visit. We're all much better now! <3

  34. Just don;t see enough of the Tom Hansen dancers on blogs these days. Hope you feel better.

  35. Endaangered coffee, funny!!! Thanks for your wishes for our good health. <3


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