Thursday, July 2, 2009

Love Stories

Life is a surprise. It's full of forgetting and remembering but when you forget, you don't remember. Okay. Take that thought slowly. It is only when you remember that you realize that you forgot something. It's like that with most lost memories...they come rushing through your mind after some triggering moment. It is also possible to remember factual events, but still forget the accompanying feelings that those events entailed. So I ask myself: Do you remember if you don't feel the experience again? Lately, my memory is inundated with past experiences that come upon me, suddenly. And too, I'm aware of the feelings of another time. They sweep through my mind alive with the fragrant and bittersweet breeze...

Morning Memory

White lace flower curtain
Growing round and close.
Late morning heat, cooled,
Again the earth breathes sky.

Brushed by the damp and
Dead leaves, I walk.
Head-wind determined...
Old fears dry and peel off.

Oh memory wind, oh friend
I open the door to your
everything and all -in
this once-was breeze

Heavy stuck leaf-prints
Evaporate and crumble
Soil-rich with promise-
Newness yet to come.

(Cynthia Pittmann)

What causes this upsurge of memory? It could be a certain age, or having time to reflect? Perhaps it is a combination of turbulence and slow thought all in the context of a relationship? I am a mother who has a daughter- and "we get along" my daughter would say. Lately, when the breeze of her life blows through mine, I remember what it was like to live many years ago. I don't mean that I experience what she experiences (though that happens too) I mean that I remember myself as a teenager. I think back on my own high school years and I remember what it felt like to be devoted, absorbed and swept away by another-in the "teen way"- which is not usually accessible to my ordinary task-oriented adult self. Lately, I surprise myself with tears when I listen to the uncomplicated music of Taylor Swift. Suddenly, I remember/realize the pain of early unrequited love when I hear this song (Don't judge me!!! :-) :


Letter to Sweet Sixteen

Dearest young Miss C,
Going as you are into this life of love...
Anger, joy, loss, and hope all swirling around you
Kaleidoscope of poetry and dreams
Your mind a Ferris Wheel , a Carousel
"June is busting out all over..."

You discover Spring arrives early in Ohio...and
It's a trip -all night-to reach down to find spring...
Alive in the apple blossoms...
Alive in your favorite songs...

A wild and careful you-
an overfilled fragrant vase-
Set on the mantle,
likely to fall. Oh, would I catch you?

I would. And yet, wild horses will break that
"country roads take me home" innocence.
Should I tell you many dreams will fall away?
No, I can't.

You get to have your time...uncomplicated
Romeo and Juliet. Wasn't it Robert Kincaid who said,
"The old dreams were good dreams;
they didn't work out, but I'm glad I had them."

In love, welcome
and goodbye.

(Cynthia Pittmann)

I remember watching this music video many times with my daughter. From my adult me's perspective, it was "cute," even charming. But then one day, my concentration focused in and I left behind all of the story detail analysis of the anachronisms.(Romeo and Juliet were younger than that...they couldn't really be together...that period costume, it comes from a later date...) I didn't have to hear, "Oh, Mom, stop talking. You're ruining the video!" because I was there, too. My teen-self came forward and asserted herself, "Let me be. Let me live."



Hey there, Cynthia (on the far left), how are you doing? It's been a long time; and, it's so nice to see you, again!

Post Script:

Thank you, blogger friends, for taking this trip down memory lane with me. I know we stayed up all night talking but the sun is rising and I feel renewed! xxoo


  1. Again, the earth breathes sky.

    Absolutely love and feel this.

  2. I love the line "Old fears dry and peel off." Wonderful!

    I cherish my relationship with my daughter, who turns 27 next month. We've passed some bumpy patches along the way, but I wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Enjoy the ride.

  3. Your poems are fantastic! Wow.

    I saw a PBS show about music and the brain recently. Very interesting! They discovered that music always forges connections between the cerebellum and the cortical lobes. They decided we listen to music in order to experience certain emotions.

    All over the earth, lullabies have the same notes and approximately the same rhythms (though drastically different arrangements).

    Memory and forgetfulness - great provocative topics. Thank you!

  4. down memory lane's always good to contemplate, right? u r such a good person, good thoughts come to u..and memory..what a gift..v can shed bad ones..and retain good ones..cheers friend..v r all with u..with our wishes...

  5. You took us with you, through the poems and the memories, the pictures of Cynthia then, and Cynthia now. You reminded us about the powers we feel at different ages.

    Lovely trip.

  6. Time does fly and I thought my life would turn out differently that what it is, the wind takes the memories away, sometimes I think I would have done things differently,but I guess it's my karma, I really like your poem

  7. Beautiful....and yes, Love Story does it for me too :) Nothing wrong with a trip down memory lane or remembering what love feels like.


  8. Beth, thank you for reading my poetry, and am so glad that it reached you. I look forward to reading your book when it arrives. <3

    Willow, thank you for coming over to read and for sharing you thoughts. I was nearly 30 when I had my first child so I'm a bit older than the average mother. When I think of my daughter being 27 and off on her strikes fear in my heart! At the same time I want her to soar...sigh...and I want to support her decisions. She wants to go to the States to she will be going.. year. I'm going to miss her. I admire your strength. <3

    Lakeviewer, thank you for your kind words. What can be more satisfying than someone who understands the developmental processes that life offers. I just love the idea of different powers at different stages. I think that is true. And it's a positive understanding that can bring truth to our lives. You are wise and I'm unexpectedly uplifted by your comments. Thank you. <3

    Reya, so glad you like my work. Yes, the brain is stimulated by music which creates various brain states that are conducive to particular activities, for example. Emotions are also wrapped into the body and unfold with movement-that's why dance is so powerful. I appreciate how you point out the scientific connection to emotions. I think we sometimes undervalue our emotions because these are separated into a kind of rank...mental, physical then emotional. Your insight is so appreciated. (I hope your feeling better about your poor Jake.) <3

    R., thank you for your kind words and supportive comments. I guess we amplify whatever we place our attention on. Thank you again. <3

    Daphne, thank you, yes, life takes unexpected turns and the only thing we can count on is change. I guess some people are comforted by that thought but most are frightened. I'm trying to be the first, but actually feel more like the second. Thanks for reading and appreciating my poem. <3

  9. Michelle, so glad you found your way over. I know with your girls, you have "memory lane" trips too!!! May you have many more genuine love stories. I'm sure they fuel your artistic inspiration and creation.<3

  10. Beautiful,Cynthia.
    Right now, my daughter is getting ready for a party.The boy she likes will be there, he lives many miles away, and has organised to stay in town with his mate, just so he can see her. AWWWWWW, takes me back......
    I really related to this post.You really couldn't tell Miss C. what you know now, she had to do it herself didn't she? :D xx♥

  11. what make memories so beautiful, is their timing... thank you for sharing yours.

  12. That strong link that you have with your daughter is what causes this 'memory rush', in my opinion. It's good to have it. To me it means that your mind is active and engaged with that present (your daughter) without forgetting your own past, and how you could even use the latter to affect the former. The poem was beautiful because it came right from the heart. Many thanks for sharing it.

    Greetings from London.

  13. Natalie,so true, Miss C. wouldn't want to know. We all have our time to know one thing or another. And I think it doesn't always repeat itself. I think many life experiences are's just the feeling that are shared by others across time...and age. How delightful for your daughter that you support and enjoy her special times.

    I think most young people don't feel satisfied with life unless they are connected in some important way to their peers. She is lucky to have you there to celebrate and support her. <3

    Shadow, thank you for the comment. Do you write 'hot off the press' most of this was written in the morning. Sometimes I feel like writing poetry, I've had several poems published, and then it leaves me for a while. I think, why am I not writing? What changed? I remember a poet, Marilyn Chin, said that sometimes you write all the time, other times you leave it, maybe for years-but when it's ready, the poems will come to you. I don't know if I think it's that distantly related to intention but it's a great rationalization (excuse?) for not writing poetry. :-) Btw I'm enjoying your poetry blog. <3

    Cuban, thank you for the visit. I think you sense the immediacy of my poetry. That's usually how I write. Later, I look at it to see where the poem is...but now that I'm writing in a blog everything is first draft. Isn't that strange?- mistakes and all. I hope that you return to read again. I value your comments. <3

  14. Found your post through Knitting Nurse. Your are a very profound thinker and writer. I enjoy a blog buddy from many different countries and would love to follow you in PR. Stop by my neck of the woods. I am a very simple person. HH and I have raised 4 beautiful daughters and 4 fine sons. Life is good but sometimes I miss them so bad I could cry. Blessings

  15. Hi QMM, and welcome to OWL blog. I'm glad you found me. Congratulations for sucessfully raising those children to adulthood. Thank you for you compliments and I will come over and visit you soon. <3

  16. Yes, stunning poems about memory and wonderful thoughts about music.
    How vivid your young selves remain --and you've captured that so well.
    Cherish your daughter. Mine is a delight.
    Your poems have a great richness and resonance.
    Yes, music utterly bypasses the brain and goes straight to the gut and heart.
    Smell does that too.....and leads to menory.
    Happy 4th.

  17. Thanks for coming over and commenting, Elizabeth. Yes, smell does lead to memory...and there are different qualities (and degrees) of memory, some just hint of what was and gently remind us of an experience or thought, but others are surprising because they feel like the past in a more profound way.

    In remembering my teen self, I remembered someone I used to know and profoundly forgot. This memory felt like she was there again, still alive-I hope I can find her again.

    Thank you for the holiday good are a sweetie to think of it! Have fun traversing the streets and treasured byways of New York. Thanks for sharing your creative eye-view. <3

  18. Life is indeed a constant remembering and forgetting. Depending of course, on what it is we are trying to forget. It has been about a year now since my most recent Love Story came to a very abrupt end. In the interim, music played a large part in the healing process alghough I didn't see it at the time. I can only see that now as I read thru your post. Early on, I only wanted to hear music that made me feel the pain and constant heartache. Not a good idea and I don't recommend it to anybody. I put aside all music that was shared because I didn't want to remember the fun times. And for a time, I didn't want to hear any music at all. Time passes, seasons change and new tunes emerge. The music I seek now, are the tunes that make my heart beat and keep my feet from sitting still too long.

    I love your poetry; it's deep, meaningful and touches ones soul.

    Right now the music I am listening to is from my bird, Mr. Beaks. It sounds more like an angry, attention grabbing shriek which makes me laugh. Thanks for another great soul tapper Cynthia.

  19. You are a dreamer and a philosopher. That's a rare combination and that's why you make poetry! The older we get the more we live in the past. We have so amny memories, which we cannot share. Fortunately there are also those experiences which we can talk about.
    You asked if the bridal exhibition was in the castle. No not in the castle itself, but in one of the other buildings around the castle, former stables, I guess. Thanks for your visit! Have a nice day!

  20. hey, Cynthia!
    you GIVE so much in each post!
    what a beautiful spirit!

    very happy to have linked and sync'd!

    peace to you, my friend~

  21. Hi Cynthia, thanks for encouraging me to link across, this multi-media post here is a joy... your poems hit right home. We too have a teenaged daughter starting to find out alot about life... Going through old photos brings memories flooding back in, hearing old songs does too... We just need the time to be able to ponder over such returning scenes from the past, and really contemplate them to understand, draw meaning from them... if we could just stop the clocks for a while to reflect on the past !

  22. Beautiful poem and post, Cynthia. I, too, had my own "Romeo & Juliet" story but after many years it ended (began) with a happy ending. :)

    I need to write a letter to my 17-year-old self, thank you for the inspiration.

  23. You have a wonderful blog...!

    Yes, our children are our immortality, and our memories live and re-live through them. Often my daughter will say something that triggers a memory in me. For some reason, summer triggers a lot of memories in me too. Summer seems to be never-ending, and runs one into another...

  24. My heart flows over with heartfelt appreciation from all of your comments...

    Bogey,I think it takes a lot of courage to both end and stay in a relationship. Your connection to music is deeply profound...and yet you have periods of just listening to the natural sounds around you. I think I am like that too. It's that some people feel music so much that it can be overwhelming. Your binge-listening after the break up was painful- maybe you were trying to experience a catharsis?

    I think drinking is the worst normal reaction after a break-up (not that I'm saying you use this coping strategy) because it erases the hope of understanding and attaining peace during and a bit after the imbibing period. Some of us have trained ourselves to NOT indulge in suffering. I think the trick about coping with pain- the cut off from feelings numb trick-has to be gently changed. (This is my favorite...forget about it!)

    Eventually to live a full life, we all have to give space to that emotional being who resides within us ---and yes, he/she may want to take over. We just have to learn to manage it a bit. My creative self thrives in an emotionally whirling water well. What can I do? I take out the oars and dip them firmly into the current. Thanks so much for your thought provoking comment...and for reading my poetry. I send a hearty squawk to you and Mr. Beaks! <3

    Reader Wil, oh, I understand what you mean about not being able to share...but my tendency is to look for a way to share that will be acceptable to myself...if not always by others. When I first started to write about my mother's murder...I was pushed to end the silence around hate crimes...but also I needed to let some of the pain have a place outside of my self. Readers here have made me feel connected and supported. I think we can transform each other's pain with love and acceptance. Thank you for coming over to read and share with me.

    I appreciate that you answered my question about the displays too. Sometimes, I'm left with doubts about posts and they can clutter my mind. The dresses were so pretty and everyone's wedding dress is usually full of expensive detail.

    My own white cotton wedding dress was bought in a boutique-off the rack- and looked a bit 19th century style...with the lace and high collar. I got it for $15.00 dollars! At the time, I needed a bargain...and it was an angel- answered prayer. (Post script: We are still married! :-))

    Chuck, congratulation on finishing your fictional novel!!! I'm glad I found your blog too. Yes, I do put a lot into my post...I decided to post just once a week because I needed time to read blogs and respond to people. Also, I can't spend all of my time in the blog world-and my family and some friends tell me that I 'have a problem' because of my blog obsession. I think they didn't realize I was writing and reading so much anyway...I think some people who are not online don't take blogging seriously-especially if you don't do it for money.

    I've just moved my efforts and energy to this alive and responsive sphere. I still keep my journals, and read... books mostly...I hope to get a copy of yours. Right now, I'm waiting for another book to arrive-it's by Beth Kephart-she's a commenter above.

    I teach literature (and a bit of language) at a local university here in Puerto Rico, which has fostered-rather fed-my addiction to books. Thank you for reading, commenting and following!

    Owen,hi there! Ever since I read your post about your near fatal car accident, I have been following your photo-life blog. I know what you mean about going through pictures from the past. Sometimes, it can be exhausting going through all the memories. But I think you are right that memories have to be given meaning. The process of going through your photos helps to give shape to who your are at this time of your life. Also, having a daughter...teen...can wake up the past! Thank you so much for your visit, Mr. Toad!

  25. Rapunzel, I love all of the bicycle detail and quotes you have posted on your sidebar. It reminded me of my own love of riding bikes.

    I used to ride a 10 speed everywhere, and it had a license plate that read-"Look Ma No Exhaust!" Well my mother had other plans for me...Get your drivers license and start helping with the younger kids! I got my grandpa's red truck to drive was a compensation!

    Yes, do write a letter to your former teen helps to visualize yourself...maybe play a song that meant something to you at that time...and look at an old photo...that letter will just pour out of you and seep through your golden hair, Rapunzel! Thank you for your visit and come again soon. <3

    Jo, thanks for the visit and reading my blog. I know what you mean about summer triggering memories. Maybe, it's the slow pace caused from the heat? I hope you come over again, soon. Did you find the Clint Take care.

  26. Such a beautiful and heartfelt post! I went down memory lane myself.

  27. Cynthia, going down memory lane can be so uplifting at times and i'm glad this is how you feel, renewed and enthusiastic...!
    well actually, you always sound enthusiastic...
    your poem to your daughter is a little jewel of spontaneous and free...
    Enjoy the week end!

  28. thankssssss C, overwhelmed by yr affection..hey i am a slow learning when it comes to IT downloads and other will check out from some friend to download the tamil song..have a great time dear..

  29. C, i had requested my friend to download that song..this is what he wrote;
    I never tried to download this song before. Most of the time, I listen to songs online and sometimes watch them on you tube.
    Now after you told about it, I tried to look for any free download options of the mp3 through search engines, but there is no such site which readily offers it.
    I'm surprised, it is such a mega hit song, I have known it since early school days and there is no mp3 shared on the net? May be we need to search more...
    Anyway, adi ennadi rakkamma can be enjoyed on you tube -->

    Cheers, Sai.

  30. Cynthia, I think as a young teen that Romeo and Juliet was my favorite movie. I have never experienced that "movie" romance last, know as a child that an adult could never have told me it couldn't be so...because all new love is like that in a way, isn't it.

    I also know what music does to me and how after losing Mike, I still 2 years later, have mixed emotions when I listen to music, seemingly not able to enjoy it just for me, but wanting someone close to me to be able to enjoy it too. Somehow, listening to music and trying to be happy ends up making me sad.

    But I ramble on here, and really just wanted to let you know how tender your post was and how sweet the emotion. And reading everyone's comments was just as wonderful and enlightening. You have a nice following, don't you <3

  31. Dear Cynthia,

    You are a wonder!

    I love your poetry and your reflections,

    Thank you also for your generosity to the people of Swaziland,

    Your kindness humbles me deeply,

    Sending you love and light on the morning breeze,


  32. Oh C you write so wonderfully. Those poems were beautiful.

    I am also going through lots of unbidden early memories surging to the front of my mind lately - out of the blue I get images of when I was a young child, a teenager, a young woman. It is becoming slightly unnerving - especially as so many of them are making me very emotional.

    Hormones I guess


  33. C, u managed to listen to that song!!? gr8 friend..basically the hero is from a village and the woman is a rude urban he tells the values of rural areas in the movie..cheers and stay connected

  34. In contemplation of created things, By steps we may ascend to God. --Milton.

    You are such an amazingly strong woman! I tend to run away from memories. Even the good ones seem hurtful because of the time period that they happened in. I tend to be a brooder instead of a one who contemplates. There is quite a difference! I'm always looking forward because I'm afraid to look back. It's a shame because I'm not learning from my mistakes or have the ability to revel in past happiness! I've always been amazed at your ability to analyze sadness and happiness equally! Huge hugs my dear!

  35. I often think that I am but a memory that belongs to someone else, in another time and place. The totality of my mind is populated by an endless stream of memories. Truly. Of course, I always get the chance to make or invent new memories...

  36. Dear Cynthia,

    this is a lovely post that i've enjoyed reading so much (even with a lump in my throat) my 2 youngest going off in August and September.

    I found one of your commenters saying something that interested me also, that the older we get the more we live in the past. I believe that if we do that, then we stop living. I have a deep love for the beauty of now and also empty journals waiting to be filled,making new memories for the rest of my life.

    thank you for taking us down this path.


  37. Oh that was an awesome blog.Just simply amazing.The words you use and the way you put them together.

    I have a great realtionship with my girls.I dont know if you know or not but Iam a widow.My husband died 7 years ago and I must say I was a bit scared even though the girls were into their late teens.But all is greater than before if you can believe it.I know exactly what your saying in this blog,HUGS!

  38. Oh that was an awesome blog.Just simply amazing.The words you use and the way you put them together.

    I have a great realtionship with my girls.I dont know if you know or not but Iam a widow.My husband died 7 years ago and I must say I was a bit scared even though the girls were into their late teens.But all is greater than before if you can believe it.I know exactly what your saying in this blog,HUGS!

  39. Memory lane...I walk there often Cynthia. Perhaps it is age or perhaps it is just our way of enjoying and learning from our experiences. Great post as always, xv.

  40. Thanks for share. I like it. great picture also.I hope you visit my blog and share some information.

  41. Lovely to visit your blog and thanks for your visit to mine - Thatchwick cottage. I also have two daughters and the relationship is special. I am also a university professor and finding time for blogging remains a challenge. With our university it is all publish or perish and they don't mean on a blog!!!!! Have a good day!

  42. Lori Ann,yes, living in the present is important and I don't think I have mastered it. The other day it was late and we had company from out of town. I noticed the energy I was carrying...tense and anticipatory. I was making myself tired by being tired...if that makes any sense. I decided to just relax and accept my let go of any feeling of moving forward. I then remembered the present inside my body. It was a relief to give up the resistance to the moment. I hope to remember to stay in the moment more often. I think we have to work out a balance with goals/intention with a deep experience of where we are in the here and now. Difficult, indeed! Thank you for your comment. I think you do celebrate the moment...and it's wonderful to see you so engaged with all that is happening in your life at Loritimesfive. Love to you, friend. <3

    Becky, how nice of you to give me such appreciative feedback. I didn't know about all that you have gone through. I did read about your girls and saw a spark of magic there. You know how enriching that connection is...sometimes we just overlook what is right near our heart because it's so close. But you seem to know it...and I wonder if that is from the transformation that has occurred in your life? I hope you come by again for a visit. You are welcome and appreciated. <3

    Vicki, I love to walk down memory lane with you too-especially the way you enliven it with today's sensibility. --so creative and romantic. Thank you for your visit and comment. <3xx

    Et, welcome!

    Eleanor, so glad that you were able to come over from Thatchwick cottage for a little visit. It does sound as if you are busy balancing work writing and blog writing. I know that we all struggle with that kind of balance too. I think of blog writing as communication, immediate and similar to many important relationships. It's a way of giving and consequently, receiving. Thank you for your comment. May your life be filled with all that you need and want. <3

    Marie, I hope you come back to read the above comment(to you). I'm afraid I got behind! <3

  43. Hi friends, thank you so much for your generous comments. Sorry I got behind in the replies, we didn't have internet service for a couple of days...

    Phoenix, glad to have you stop by for a visit!
    Lala Ema (MCIS), thank you for your visit and for reading my poetry. Your own open spontaneous creations are also celebrated by me.

    Yes, I think there are different qualities to looking back. Sometimes we long or yearn for the past...but I prefer when the past is alive in the present like a welcome visitor and not weighted by remorse or heavy loss. (We don't always-usually (?)- get to chose!) I will be over to visit your Spanish blog-castle shortly. <3

    R, thanks for providing me with a link to the Tamil song, adi ennadi rakkamma, I learn so much from bloggers around the world. I appreciate that you took time to share this fun Indian classic 'every-one-knows-it-song with me. (Make sure that you also thank your friend, Sai, for his energetic research!) Also, thanks for the background story. I live in the country and have lived in the city, too. I think that values are related to people rather than the setting...but I have loved many books and songs that celebrate country life. It's space within nature that I find so satisfyingly compelling. Sending affection your way. <3

    Teri, yes, your thoughts of music would be connected to your husband, Mike. When we hear music, especially shared songs, it magically brings the person we shared with back to life...and then we remember that they have died all over again. Sometimes the loss feeling changes,though, and becomes a sweet yearning that makes the feeling of love expand. I look for that sensation...but sometimes it takes time...memories can be comforting...and not always bearers of pain. I hope you reconcile with music...sometimes we have to discover a new kind that reaches us in a way that is unique. (I listen to chants a lot.)
    But it's always fun to listen to a playful song and just dance around the house while doing housework-that was what R. Ramesh was writing about.
    Yes, I do appreciate the group of people who connect with us here at OWL blog. I feel I have made real friends here...and, for that, I am overflowing with appreciation and affection. <3

    Maithri, it is such an honor to welcome you here. I wish that more people would be able to give to the people of Swaziland. I am so grateful that I know someone who is helping others in a concrete way, and that I can support your efforts. I'm only sorry that I give so little. I find your personality charming, and your heart abundant. What a combination! I hope that many more decide to make a contribution to improving our world. thank you for reading my poetry and reflections. I also enjoy your connected 'sharings'. Love to you, friend. <3
    FF,I so appreciate that you appreciate my poetry. I know that you love Byron and the Romantics-emotionally complex English writers (I do too), so it's nice that I can reach out to you a little bit. I know what you mean about memories coming back strongly once you reach a certain age. I've read that this experience is it hormones? Who knows...I'm just riding on the waves of life, occasionally plunging in the daunting memory water in hopes of creating something new and satisfying. I so appreciate your visit. <3

  44. Marie Isabelle, welcome! I'm sorry I didn't get back with a response before you returned. Yes, memories can make you brood...and contemplation is different...I think it's like the difference between apathy and peacefulness. Sometimes we need practice to get the most out of the emotional energy that flows through us. I think long walks, periods of silence, and a meditative routine helps me to balance intense emotions. When I was younger, I was mastered by I try to just let them flow through me. Thank you for coming over from your peppy and (popular!)vintage postcard blog. I love to see your success...and what you will think of next. Love to you and your family <3

    TPC,yes, it's that you so appreciate history...especially social history that it's alive in you...maybe your memories are from another life? I guess we have to be careful that we give enough attention to this one, right? This comment is not necessarily to your case but I think it's tempting to place ourselves in another place as a comforting escape...I'm thinking of when I used to read historical romance so much. When I was 18 I read all day for many between every duty. I think I was depressed. I had to break the habit in order to notice the vibrant life around me. Thank you for your reflective presence, Mr. Pink xx <3

  45. thanks for sending affection this way...proud to be yr friend C..cheers

  46. Just checkin' some nice sounds if you like...thought of telling you cos you're always posting nice sounds....these ones, too, are meditative...xx

  47. I am taken by surprise and even comforted by this entry. I, too, have been experiencing numerous memories of late. I was beginning to be concerned that something might be "wrong" with me. But then the more intuitive side of me decided that I was probably evolving (sorry, I know that I sound like a hippie) into a more "solid" person. I have described this experience poorly. I hope that you know what I am trying to express. :)

  48. Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice comment. This posts was beautiful and reinforces the joy I have, wrapped in the love of my daughters.

  49. Hi Cynthia, i love that love sone music vid too!

  50. That's a nice pic of you and your lovely daughter..

  51. Cynthia,

    This post tugged at my heartstrings. I very often struggle to remember. I confess the first reason I started blogging was to try to recapture my childhood memories. The writing helps me really connect with some old hurts and joys. Sometimes I worry that I'm too melancholic in my writing and I struggle not to be that way...:-(

    I do surprise myself with the things I remember easily; then I am disappointed when I forget others.

    MJ's death triggered moments in my tweens that I had forgotten.

    Thanks for sharing your love stories.

    Mama Shujaa

  52. i just checked out you page.i remember amber as a baby.i love the family pictures,and the stories of your childhood,did you know i also lived in your dads house in taylor.your dad was very smart and a fair man,loved him very much,your mom was like my mom,she gave me alot of advice,she was a strong woman.i could go on forever but i wont,you had great parents,and they were loved by many.


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