Saturday, September 19, 2009

Say No to Store-bought Bread?

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Oasis Life: Time for Art and Appreciation

I was reading about Alexandra Day (a pseudonym for Sandra Louise Woodward Darling) the author of the Carl picture book series. (Why didn't she use the name Sandra Darling-it's a name and an endearment all in one.) What got me into this subject? Suzanne Casamento (a young adult book writer) at The Question of the DAY was asking for a picture book recommendation. I started to think about all the books I have shared with my children. I had time to read with them because I cleared my schedule (for the most part) during the first five years of their lives. And we read a lot of books!

What a wonderful experience it is to introduce books to young people. I confess I read to and with them long before they understood what books were about- after all they were still infants. You can never start too early! Have you ever read "Carl's Afternoon in the Park?" I love the mood that the images create. I found the author's website and read her artistically inclined family and it influence on her life. Do you remember the expression, "store-bought?" I love how it evokes a time that's past and honors hand made items. She wrote that at 86 year old mother still makes her own bread because "store-bought bread just isn't the same."

I'm living the store-bought bread lifestyle right now. Are you? There just isn't time (or energy) to do all that I would like to do. Did you notice that I missed a weekly blog post? No time! When will I take painting classes in Old San Juan? When will I finish my writing project? When will I finally create my dream garden? When will I ????

(Painting: "Lady in Boat James Jacques Joseph Tissot
"-aka Pensive Pittmann)

I want to have time to notice that special visitors have arrived for breakfast. Here is a bowl of acorns offered to the early but patient guests over at Willow Manor. Do visiting Chipmunks like acorns? See! I have no time to explore the mysteries of the animal kingdom and much less time to paint them!

Did you know that my little family loves art?

Amber and Alex (daughter and son) study art in school.

Drawing and painting create a kind of uplifting deep meditative concentration.

I can get lost in time when I paint. How about you?

Unfortunately, I haven't painted in a few months.

ALEX contemplates his painting...
"Containing Shapes"


Amber's horse and panda bear were on exhibit at the Baldwin School Art Gallery.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Beautiful bloggers,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~wishing you (and me) a Homemade Bread life...


  1. I want bread like that too. Where, or where?

    Cynthia, let others try to live your life and then shriek that they can't do it!

    Enjoy your day.

  2. So much creativity running in yor family! I love art too and can get lost in illustrating, crocheting or even jewelry making-it's so pacifying as well as inspring. Just recently I bought a mini Mandalas booklet for one of my daughters. It's supposed to help qualm, inspire or even instill confidence depending on how you colour it. For me it's like doodling but the effect it brings on is wonderful. (And I just happened to pick this little booklet up at Walmart for $4.95). Great post Cynthia:)

  3. Nice pic the first one, oh and the homemade bread at the bottom too yummy love it.

  4. your children are so lovely and talented. home baked bread, nowadays that is considered gourmet isn't it, upscale and all that. i used to bake bread in my twenties and early thirties and yum. Actually my son bakes bread for himself now.

  5. Hey...missed you :)
    Living in a village, I am far away from store bought bread; we have someone here who opened a bakery though, and it's all home made and delicious...that's my version of store bought :)))

  6. I just LOVE the smell of fresh baked bread ... and the idea that I would have enough time to bake it!!

  7. oh gosh, i too used to read books to my bean, whether he understand the words is debatable, but he sure understand the meaning of love and togetherness behind it.

    and yes, home-made bread sure is yummy, but yikes! i'd never eat it if i had to make it myself.... nice sentiment though. i'll just pretend for now, heee heee heeee.

  8. Dear Cynthia,
    i've been enjoying reading your past posts about cooking and things being a bit overwhelming to you..Hopefully this week end, you'll be able to sit back and paint a bit, write a bit and garden a bit ? :-)
    I would also love to say i make my own bread but no !!! time..
    did you know that a growing number of households in France has a "machine à pain" (bread making machine) because it's actually more economical to make one's own bread..
    so here's to homemade bread!

  9. Dear Cynthia,
    I've enjoyed catching up with your posts, my favorite was the photos of your grandparents. That's incredibly special. Love family memories.

    I love the Carl books, we have them also.I loved that time in our lives...I do know what you mean about having time for the things we'd like. It seems to me that if we're patient it'll happen for us. I've gone in and out of phases in my life, finding the time and then not. The thing is I think to keep what we hope for in our hearts and someday, when the time is right we can do it again. Does this make any sense? I love your artistic children, such lovely work. Thank you for sharing.

  10. I just adore the first two pictures, will have to check out that book.

    Your son and daughter are so talented, it's great to follow your passions.

    I really love your retro look in the sidebar, very classic.

    Thank you so much for dropping by and taking time to comment, come again.

  11. My chipmunk friends are packing their little bags and will be right over to enjoy those luscious acorns!

    Love-love-love good dog, Carl!

    And now I have a huge hankerin' for some hot, homemade bread...mmm-mmm!

  12. great talent in your kids' drawings!
    The smell of home -baked bread is heavenly and my daughter makes them nearly every week.

  13. I had missed this post – the date must have confused my reader.

    I loved sharing those Carl books with my kids – you bring back happy memories.

    I confess to never have time for baking – some are creative in the kitchen and some in other areas. Too bad you can’t eat manuscripts.

    Lovely art by your kids – they must have gotten the creative gene from you.

    Your posts are like good bread.

  14. i had wondered what happened to you, my i know you are simply eating store bought bread :)

    what a perfect way to describe it even to this day...and I hope for you a little of that homemade bread kind of life for a change as well as some time for art. it will all fill the soul and we all need that.


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