Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's and Resolutions

More Cookies Anyone?

What are your resolutions for the coming year?
I know making a New year's resolution can bring too much pressure (What about 10 of them?!!!)...and I know that often (usually?) they are broken...but what the heck! I just can't help myself. The beginning of the year is a great time for "goal setting"- yes, that's what I'll call it. On to my list of ten little (and possible) goals: five are on the more side and five are on the less side...
Do more of this...

1.Eat more fruits and vegetables
2.Exercise most days
3.Laugh often, relax and appreciate
4.Routinely take action to help someone
5. Gently tackle difficult tasks

And and the "let go side"...

6. Eat less and lose 10 pounds
7. Avoid unnecessary stress
8. Throw/give away stuff
9. Do "it" now (avoid procrastination)
10. Let go of negativity (Do your hair for goodness sake, Pittmann! Your roots are showing!-Whoops broke that one already!!)

PS. Don't you think I'm brave for posting an imperfect photo? :-)

What's on your list, dear blogger buddies? Do you have one big goal or lots of little ones? Did you decide to not make a resolution this year?

I wish for all of you a most beautiful love-filled year!


  1. Happy New Year, dear Cynthia
    I love your lovely natural photo
    your resolutions seem sensible and maybe do-able.
    We should all resolve to enjoy the small things that delight us
    and not aim for perfection
    all best wishes from frigid NY!

  2. Cynthia, I did not make any New Years resolutions....have not for many years. I never kept them anyway. This way I don't have to beat myself up when I don't follow through. Guilt does not feel good.


  3. Stay Healthy
    Stay Healthy
    Stay Healthy

    and have fun!

  4. I don't call that an imperfect photo, Cyn; I think you look gorgeous. I'm with you on all the resolutions - except for the one where you want to lose ten pounds (I want to lose three stone!)

    Hope you have a cracking year


  5. Happy New Year Cynthia, you look very relaxed and pretty in the photo - nothing to change at all!
    We have the New Years anti-resolution in my family, for example "this year I positively will not attempt to cook a 30 lb turkey again". "Will not sit through another movie I don't like" is good one, as is "resolve not to resolve". I decided not to buy a single lottery ticket in 2009 but to save the money in a jar instead - success.
    I will stay in touch with my lovely blogging friends this year, which is no effort at all but a positive pleasure!

  6. Now that’s my type of New Year’s resolution: eat more cookies! I love that photo of you – so happy. Your resolutions look like good ones, especially less stress. That’s one we should all have.

    I’ve learned not to make New Year’s Resolutions but rather life changes (ie diet and exercise) and lifetime goals (getting published some year.)

    Happy New Year!

  7. I wish you a very happy new year Cynthia and loads of luck with those resolutions...which by the way should be mine too!! xv

  8. You all put a smile on my face! I agree that I do not want to feel guilty about not keeping the resolutions...still I'm at 75% today...(I still have not exercised...maybe a bit of yoga?) I also ate seconds! (Oh I love pasta!) :-) xx

  9. Hello Cynthia...
    I like this post!. It makes me want to join you where that photo was taken!

    I am into healthy , and maintaining an attitude of gratitude and intentional living...soaring for little of no reason is good today.

  10. happy happy, cynthia, you look wonderful in your photo and must not change a thing unless YOU want to... ;)

    my only one is to be healthy, get healthy, maintain seems a rather illusive goal but i am not giving up!

    may you have a wonderful year♥

  11. I don't do the resolution thing, but I like your list. Warm and woolly wishes for a wonderful new decade, Cynthia! xx

  12. I think your silver is gorgeous, and your smile too.
    resolutions are a good thing i think, i think of them as reminders. i try my best to do whats best for myself, my family, the world(where i can). for me, everyday everymoment is a chance to start anew.
    all the best in 2010 dear Cynthia
    ♥ lori

  13. This Pink Cowboy is learning to dance the Texas Two-Step this very year, literally and metaphorically! A big hug.

  14. hi..mine is to not buy myself one thing this year...with the exception of makeup..because, well, makeup runs out...but that's it. we'll see. so far the temptations have been great, but i have resisted! (flexing muscles)..who knows? will it stick? i hope so..2 kids in college is definitely an incentive!

  15. Imperfect?? Looks perfectly wonderful to me!


    I have this glorious feeling of a Clean Slate.

    Attitude is Everything.

    A whole year to accomplish something, instead of that sinking feeling of the end of the year, goals not met feeling.

    Oh yes, and diet (I have lost 4# in a week) and
    exercise (well, I bought a DVD and plan to)

  16. 如果你批評他人。你就沒有時間付出愛.........................

  17. Happy New Year to you dear Cynthia !!
    and i didn't make any new resolutions because well you know..sometimes it's hard to stick to them !
    May this new year bring you lots of joy, peace and love !!

  18. gosh...
    so envious of your mild weather..
    Andalucia is soaked in rain...

  19. Happy New Year Cynthia. Excellent points to keep in mind for the year.

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