Sunday, May 16, 2010

Shake, Rattle and Roll

Oasis Life: A Wake Up Call; A view of this morning's mini-mudslides on the side of the mountain

Get out from that kitchen and rattle
those pots and pans

Get out from that kitchen and rattle
those pots and pans

Well, roll my breakfast 'cause I'm a hungry man

I said shake, rattle and roll

I said shake, rattle and roll

I said shake, rattle and roll

I said shake, rattle and roll
You never do nothin' to save your doggone soul...

Oh, come on, Elvis!

Do you really mean for her to get into the kitchen and cook some vittles?

(Or should I blame these sexist lyrics on songwriter Bill Haley?- Please forgive the aside comment here- I just couldn't resist. I digress!)

We had an earthquake this morning!

It occurred sometime after 1:00am while I was lying in bed watching Camilla (1994), a film staring Jessica Tandy and Bridget Fonda. It's kind of a female road trip film that makes me think about how I want my life to play out in the coming years. It's Jessica Tandy's final film. She plays Camilla, a free-spirited violinist who makes a difficult compromise in her life. I particularly appreciate Tandy because as an actress over 80 years of age, she is willing to skinny dip, celebrate life, and make love to her long lost lover (who happens to be her real life husband). The story is compelling- even if some of young Fonda's lines feel false.

Camilla is a real shake-up-your-life movie-as was this morning's earthquake.


I took a tour of the property to check for damage and found

just a few avocados lying on the ground but most are still hardily growing on the tree.


We had an earthquake early this morning!

Low rumble crescendos to a smart pound as

adrenalin rushes the sleep out of our bones.

Old shoeboxed photographs fall,

upper shelves now layer the floor.

Box sets of Paul and George open and

spill a pile of The Beatles out

and into the laundry.

We had an earthquake early this morning!

Rushing outside, calling

"What happened?" while the canine pack sniff,

wag and lick the nearest leg or toe.

"A surprise visit from the entire family!"

We had an earthquake early this morning

- a cause for panic

- a cause for celebration

- all is well.

Cynthia Pittmann 5/2010


  1. I am so glad that you are fine! And thanks for the reminder of Camilla...I haven't seen it in years and was just wondering what the title was a few days ago! Now I can rent it and watch it again. :D

  2. Frightening, and grateful afterwards. I will have to look up that movie, add it to my Netflix Queue. Avos, yum! Used to have a neighbor when I was a child in Southern California with a driveway lined in them...of course I didn't like them then!

  3. I haven't seen that movie Cynthia but I would love to watch it....I hope the earthquake is over and calm has been restored, xv.

  4. I'm glad that the only casualty was a few avocados. Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a lovely comment.

  5. Wow! Glad it was only a little one. I love how you ran with this theme in multi-media.

  6. Sorry I'm late.

    I did love your poem, Cyn. The repeated line really hammered home the impact.

    As for that film - I'm going to add it to my rental film queue.


  7. 連接生與死這兩塊陸地的橋樑是愛…… ..................................................

  8. Sure, All is well that ends well.

    Am glad it blew over and you're fine.

    To see that hillside is to see nature cover up its rumbles pretty quickly. Only human memory will remember what nature is keen to forget!


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