Sunday, February 22, 2009

Lighten Up

Hi friends, I'm on my marquesina with a dear wiggling bundle of puppy love.

I'd like you all to meet Mr. D'Arcy, our new puppy, which makes nine canine critters and one proud and annoyed cat, Miss Junie who share our casita en la montan (~) as.

Miss Junie was found abandoned at a gas station in Bayamon when she was a few weeks old. She is most comfortable sitting right where someone needs to work. Here, she has taken over the writing table.

* * *

Mr. D'Arcy puppy comes to the door and pushes it open. Once inside, he explores a bit and then starts complaining, "I want out. Who made me come in?" He continues 'crying' until someone opens the door to let him out. It's like this over and over again; in then out, out then in! He's just like a toddler who has discovered that when he drops his spoon off the food tray, someone always retrieves it. "What a fun game," he thinks, "I made you move." He's a delightful, active sweet smelling cuddle. Who could ever abandon Mr. D'Arcy?

As far as our ill conceived animal rescue project goes, I can only say in the words of California's Governor, Arnold when he was referring to the budget crisis and getting a little literary inspiration from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland, "When you don't know where you're going, every road takes you there." Where am I being taken with these expensive canine critters? I don't know but maybe it helps to take care of a few who need a home.

* * *

* * *

I also love these determined volunteer tomatoes, which are growing at my in-laws casa along the entrance walk between bright fuchsia pink impatiens. Borders with vegetables and annual flowers make me smile non-stop even after a long day.

How delightful these tomatoes are!

For a light Sunday lunch, I had a few deep red tomato slices drizzled with olive oil on a plate of fresh green peppers and crunchy cucumbers. When I wrote "lighten up" I meant enough depressing muse work for now (Saturday's post) but I am beginning to see that I am thinking of physical connotations too. Some bloggers are writing about winter weight gain (willow) and loss of a stone (Jude in Crete- I love that expression! I think it's 14 pounds). These posts influenced me so maybe I meant something else, too. Okay. I admit that there is no excuse to put on winter weight in the Caribbean but it still happens! Ask any bear, winter hibernation is an instinct, even if it isn't technically cold. my husband and daughter...


  1. A look at your fresh and beautiful face!! Is it those tomatoes that create the radiance? Miss Junie is precious...I hope she gets some uninterrupted sleep occasionally.
    I'm with you on the winter weight thing...getting out of hand, what with all the laying around and eating chocolates all winter!
    Much love,

  2. Oh my goodness Cynthia! That puppy is just perfect for cuddling. And your kitty is smiling!!! How wonderful of you to keep adding to your critter family. How lucky are they!? I'm envious of your gift to grow such beautiful tomatoes....hugs!

  3. Nine canine critters, amazing - That must offer some great opportunities for exercise, all that walking them! Mr D'Arcy is puptastic, and I love the kitty - She is smiling - She must be tolerant of all those woozles (dogs!). They look so happy to be in such a vibrant, fruitful (all that green and tomatoes!) home, C x

  4. Puppy is so sweet. I agree w/above, nine!!! I love the way you have your hair in that photo. We can see your face as usually your hair hides you. I also just read your interview with your muse. That was amazing!! This process really released a lot of thoughts and feelings I think. Enjoy your tomatoes. They look so good. And your pink suit is wowsie.

  5. This is weird !, I said to the kids the other day, that when we get our puppy, we should call him MR. Darcy. How could the most handsomest man NOT be called Mr. Darcy, I ask you?

    Lots of weight going on here too, unfortunately, and it's a raging Summer! Oh,dear. My problem is lack of sleep leads to loss of energy, leads to flopping on chair etc..

    Sounds beautiful having all your animal babies around you, Cynthia. He's gorgeous.

    Btw, So are YOU! I called Mark in to 'meet' you. I was excited, you have a beautiful energy surrounding you, no wonder animals love you. I felt peace when I saw your pic. with the pup. Hope it's yours.xx

  6. oh, Cynthia bring the puppy to school one day, we can leave her in the office, how beautiful, he's adorable
    I can't wait to meet him
    take care,

  7. Mr. D'Arcy is so cute, I'm melting right now but must no show any sign of emotion or Mr. Pretzel, my resident dachshund, might get a bit jealous. Now that last photo. That's the one you must send to Hello! magazine. You have outshone your own mountain grown tomatoes. That fuchsia overcoat is just RAVISHING!!!

  8. Cynthia, you are glowing, positively glowing! What a beautiful person you are, with your gorgeous pup and beautiful tomatoes, you are the picture of health and beauty.And yes I know exactly what you mean about lighten up...that is where i'm at at this point in my life. You could probably already tell that haha.
    lucky mr.d'arcy
    xx lori

  9. Oh they look so cute. I guess you are too an avid aninmal lover like me :)

  10. You look so lovely in those photos, Cynthia and as for the cute little bundle of goodness you are holding - wait for it, a big AAAAWWWWW.

    I've done my duty with the award and thank you again.

  11. You all delighted me with your reactions to my little puppy, kitty and tomatoes!

    Catherine, thank you for thinking of Miss Junie. Do you think she has a reason for her jealousy? Oh my, the weight thing! Valentines Day right at our most vunerable time...How cruel! xx

    Thank you, Sheila, for appreciating my cuddle collection. I know that you also do what you can to help abandoned animals. <3

    Fhina, I´m glad you like my sweet animals...Junie does look as if she is smiling...when I told my daughter what you said, she replied...¨she doesn´t know Junie! (Junie is bossy!) xx

    Suki, argh! my hair...that is my stay at home h´do- I pull it all back! Yes the muse work was useful but I can only take a bit at a time...emotionally exhausting! And thank you for your compliments...I do like bright fuchsia! <3

    Natalie,yes...for heaven´s sake, name your new puppy Mr. Darcy...we cannot have enough to those handsome ones...(either from the book or movie!) Oh and hi to Mark...another handsome one! Thanks for your outpouring of do me a world of good! <3

    Energize, poor Mr D´Arcy cannot go to work because he still needs his mommy, Fern-flower. I think it´s time for him to eat solid food but it´s a little hard to manage. Last night he had some pasta noodles...he went crazy and almost nibbled off my fingers!

    Pink Cowboy, yes, you must be careful not to let the dear Pretzel get wind of a new canine affection...thanks for the fuchsia will be taken as truth! <3

    Lori Ann, yes, lighten up is exactly what I intend to do for a while...and I adore the light trips you take with your dear hubby...such fun to be out and about! -and still have time to knit! <3

    Deepak, yes I am an animal´s mutual...we both like animals and animals like us! <3

    French Fancy, What a dear you are to appreciate my little guy!!! And you posted your award too! Thanks for going to the trouble...and I´m glad you accepted the well deserved recognition. xx <3

  12. Hi Cynthia, Blogger has erased you from my followers list along with some other friends. Please come back!
    Apparently it has been happening all over the place today.
    Thanks for popping in.xx♥♥

  13. New puppies are such a delight!! And YOUR lovely face is delightful, too!

    I used to have a big vegetable garden and so miss those fresh tomatoes. Yours are making my mouth water.

    You really should use your new pic with pup as your avatar!

  14. Thanks for the visit and comment, Dave King, and have a tomato!

    Willow, thanks for your comments...I also have missed the tomatoes of my childhood...picked hot and fresh off the summer plant...vine...remember how they would cross over from one row to another? In Michigan, we could be over-run (run-over!)with produce...and tomatoes had to be given away...eventhough we canned quart upon quart we could never get them all. ( I personally think that the cult movie, "The Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" was inspired by such a circumstance~!) Thanks for the avatar suggestion...I'm glad you like my puppy, Mr. D'Arcy.

  15. Oh, my. A new baby!! How lovely the two of you look. And those tomatoes! Good thing I have some in the house. Must eat them later. XO

  16. Mr Darcy and Miss Junie are divine. I did not realize you had so many dogs sharing your life and home. Lucky You !! The photos of you are lovely also "and" your bright red perfect tomatoes. merci for stopping by Black Street. Much love, S & les Gang

  17. Sweet puppy! You look so happy too. Nine dogs – impressive! I feel for your cat. We have a dog flap to avoid playing doorman to our dog. Best way to avoid gaining weight in winter is to ski – kind of hard to follow that advice in the tropics! It must be nice to have all that fresh produce year round.

  18. J a Plane Ride, Cute! The tomato celebration continues! Thanks for the visit! <3

    Susan, yes, a lot of dogs. I buy 50 pounds of dog food two times a month...the critters are good eaters! Fortunately, we have a large fenced-in space for them to run so they get plenty of exercise. xx <3

  19. Sarah, yes, I used to love downhill and cross country I have to look for alternatives...
    You would be surprised at all of the imported produce available in Puerto Rico. You have to be committed to buy locally grown vegetables. A dog flap ...hum...does that mean that your dog gets to track in his little paw prints whenever he wants? Lucky pup! <3

  20. How lovely is your puppy and the cat is just as a cat should be. Our cat did the same: he wanted to leave by the front door then walked around the house and was waiting at the back door to be let in. Great post!Good luck with your animals!

  21. A toddler Mr. D'Arcy! Now I'm imaging Colin Firth as a toddler waddling around the house too! I love to see all of your rescued critters:) You are such a special lady Cynthia!

  22. Testing,testing.Hope everything back to normal here. :D♥

  23. how beautiful are you .how kind is the cat ,what a inspirational blog.

  24. hi, have changed my blog url..will be pleased to welcome u to take care

  25. Girl you have just become so dear to my heart. I am a bleeding heart for animals. I love your puppy and of course your lovely cat.

    Your blog is also a delight.

  26. Reader Wil, funny story! Yes our little pets are curious! <3

    Marie Isabelle, yes, Colin Firth was an inspiration for the did you know? Thanks for your charming visit. <3

    Natalie, Yes, there are still a few bugs sometimes images (word verification and vidio images) won't download...but at least the blogger system seems more stable. <3

    Loong, thank you for coming all the way over from China to visit. And thanks for your kind words.

    Ramesh, you are certainly a busy blogger. I saw your new header... and new approach to blog post...nice work.

    Hi Yoli, so glad you came over to visit. I have been enjoying your posts for a while and like that you live your life with integrity and beauty. Yes I have been called a 'bleeding heart' before, I wonder why? :-) <3

  27. thanks C for your motivating words..the prob 4 me is i am IT illiterate and hence have trouble handling the technical aspects..evn the basics..but so far so good. joined yr blog as follower. Pl do come over to, and, cheers

  28. Hi Ramesh...I don't believe you! You are fine...excellent and a motivated human being...these computer things sometimes just take a little experimentation and then it all works out fine.

    I reread your post, today. I have had similiar issues with how to give and receive in this world. I think the problem is that we are focused on separation...not seeing how we connect with others.

    Upon reflection, your own gain is also a benefit to others...because of many reasons...of course you are generous with others and it will help your family...there are so many ways we are connected. I don't know why we feel guilty about receiving...maybe we understand balance...but too much. I'll add your blog to the Oasis link list. Keep writing. :-)

    Thank you, Paul, for your visit!

  29. You need a mudroom too. No mud in Maine now with all the snow.

  30. oh he is so cute!! it's very admirable of you to be a rescue center for animals! it must cost you a fortune but at least you have tomatoes! wow , what I wouldn't give for a fresh tomato about now??! he looks like a little pug but with more fur. :)

  31. Sarah, I wonder what the real difference is between an entry (way), foyer, hall, or mudroom? I know those puppy feet track in plenty of dirt, I have to mop the floor every morning. (The big dogs live outside, Junie and D'Arcy are indoors or out...they choose.) Maine sounds lovely...fresh!

    Linda, nothing to admire. I just couldn't do anything else. And when I take on a rescue then I feel, I fall in love with their personalities and quirks. Mr. D'Arcy has become quite assertive. He thinks he is quite special...and of course he is...Junie doesn't like it if he eats her cat food. He routinely eats her cat food! <3

  32. What a gorgeous little puppy! I love his name, Mr D'Arcy. Sounds like you have a house full of animals to cuddle!

  33. Everyone looks fantastic in those photos (even the tomatoes)! I tried to grow tomatoes in my little Capitol Hill yard one year, but it just didn't work -- too shady. What kind of pup is Mr. D'Arcy?

  34. Mr. D'Arcy......sooooooo cute.

    Love that fuschia coat on you!

  35. Some people around..
    in life
    found in unexpected
    talk, talk, talk,
    but their words are
    just water and salt.
    Don't you think?

  36. Sorry A Cajan, I don't quite this water and salt are not good, right? Who would be critized...who is in an unexpected corner? Perplexing and interesting comment...thank you for the visit.

  37. What a beautiful puppy! Your kitty is very kind to share you with him. Those tomatoes look fabulous!

  38. Such endearing eyes the pup has, a bundle of innocence.

  39. Hi Cynthia..I found your blog via Rudee's...The new pup is gorgeous! We lived in PR from Hatillo..proximo Arecibo. We also got our first dog in PR..a beautiful Borinqan (sp)terrier by the name of Joe. (Or as our neighbors called him, Jose ;)...We got him in Rincon...He was a second generation street dog...his parents had been rescued by an American couple who lived there. Anyway...we miss life in PR..have been back a couple of times.

  40. I just love the "volunteer" tomatoes.

    They brought to mind the idea of pollination, specifically wind pollination - all the way from your casita en la montan (~) as.

    Metaphorically speaking, here in the blogosphere we pollinate/cross-fertilize each other: you mention the title of your post, the effect of Willow and Jude on your thinking...!

    What do we get? Delightful, deep red delicious tomatoes.

    Mama Shujaa.


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