Saturday, May 9, 2009

To Mom on Mother's Day; I Will Always Love You

Today, naturally, I'm thinking of my mother and appreciating the gifts she has given me. May she be surrounded in light and love...and too, may all of you resonate with the kind of nurturing love that you need in this life.
[Whitney Houston]

Below we have the heartwarming Dolly Pardon singing her song...
[lyrics to three versions]

And why not include Lorelai singing to her daughter, Rori? This clip from the Gilmore Girls reveals the moment when Lorelai shifts her attention to Luke Danes and reveals to everyone that she loves him....or was it just the combination of the song, a few too many drinks and the memory of an old romance?

Happy Mother's Day to you all!

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  1. Cynthia,
    Congratulations on your lovely award. I am late to the story about your mother, and your beautiful words for Mother's Day. May her memory live in your heart and in all the love you share.

  2. What a special person your mother brought into this world...
    and to be able to share a friendship with you, is a blessing
    on Mother's Day and every day!

  3. My mother inspired creativity in my soul, my brothers' souls - and the hearts of many children too.

    It was the greatest gift.

  4. cynthia, your mother would be so proud that you are the person you are....this is such a thoughtful post, thank you!

  5. Thank you, Lakeview, for your visit. May you have a lovely Mother's Day. I appreciate your positive presence. Love to you <3

    Terri, I treasure your comments and deep reflection. The stories you share are filled with insight and detail. May you have a lovely day with your kitties tomorrow, dear friend. Love to you <3

    David, hi and thank you for your visit. It's a joy to celebrate the blessing of a wonderful creativity inspiring mother with you. Come by again. <3

  6. Linda, I appreciate your presence here at OWL blog. What beauty you bring to the world with your art and lovely honest writing style...I thank you for sharing in our blogger community. Love to you, friend <3

  7. What a wonderful tribute to your mother your blog is.
    Thank you for stopping by so I could find you.
    Mothers DAy is such a bitter sweet expereince, we had ours back in March. I love that my sons make so mucg fuss of me and I hate that I don't have my mum around to spoil.

  8. What a wonderful tribute Cynthia. I love this post. The music is awesome - 3 distinct styles yet each a star in their own right.

  9. Oh, One of my absolute favourite songs!
    Happy Mother's Day to you Cynthia. As promised, as I did my post last night, I said a prayer for your Mom and Christine. It's no coincidence that when I was loading my photos, I selected the seed photo as the "heavenly" one, the one to focus my prayer on for your mom. Maybe she really heard me.
    Love to you, as always.xx♥

  10. Firebyrd,Thanks for your comment and I do hope we keep in touch. Your photos are the young man in an earlier post your son? I hope he is well again soon. Love to you <3

    Janice, thanks for reading and appreciating the way I approached sharing the message in this song. I know that music is deeply moving to most but sometimes we have to hear it in a particular style.

    Most people here can relate to the Whitney style but in the US, I know a number of people who love Dolly's, partly because that's the way they heared it first. The "Lorelai version" strikes a welcoming note to those who follow the series or like the raw feeling of an unprofessional singer.

    Love to you <3

    Natalie,thank you for your prayer and insight. My mom gave me a special seed card when I graduated -she remembered our childhood game of making a wish and then blowing the seed puff to the wind- and from that time on those seeds became a symbol of hope, love and optimism connected to her. I sure in some way she did hear your prayer, Natalie! Love to you! <3

  11. To follow me you have to go to my dashboard page, I took the followers list off my blog it upset me too much. I will put you on my blog roll and keep in touch that way.
    How lovely to have made a new blog friend
    and yes that is my youngest son.

  12. What a beautiful tribute.

    It's not just you who feels so much admiration for your mom. Through this blog you've helped all of us appreciate how great she was because of how great you are. Thank you!

  13. Beautiful blog for Mothers Day.I found you on someones blog I forget his name,LOL.I think his last name is McMahon.AnywayIm a new follower,looking forward to seeing more of your posts.

  14. Fire Bryd,I think I got it figured out. I have you on my dashboard follow list now. I look forward to learning more about your life and all that you care about. Love to you <3

    Reya, thank you for your generous affection that includes my mother and helps me to know that I'm on the right track when I share her story. Love to you. <3

  15. Hi Becky and welcome! I went over and read your own Mother's Day post...what a beautiful poem you posted. I also look forward to reading more of your reflections. Love to you <3

  16. I always look forward to your touching posts about your mother. You were blessed to have her for the time that you did, and she was blessed to have the champion you've become for her. I'm sending you lots of hugs with my thoughts today.

  17. Dear Cynthia, i wish i had the words that everyone else here does for you and your Mom. Please know that it is in my heart, you and your Mom are the best examples of unconditional, pure love.
    thank you for sharing all these songs with us, I love to know they'll always be here.
    I hope you have a Wonderful Mother's Day, hugging you tight!
    ♥ lori

  18. What beautiful pink flowers.
    Yes, we who have lost our mothers remember them with joy today.

  19. Rudee, thank you, Rudee for your support...and may your life be awash in joy on this day. Love to you <3

    Lori Ann, so glad that you liked the songs...really I appreciate all of these styles...I think that a heartfelt song by a non-professional can be emotionally more impacting than one by a professional who gives a polished superior performance. Sometimes it's all about context...and what meaning we bring to the song.

    I genuinely appreciate that you came over to OWL so near to your departure to Africa. And also when you are still supporting your community during the last of the wildfires. You are a lovely person, Lori Ann. Love to you and your loved ones. Many blessings. xx<3

    Elizabeth, you noticed the flowers! That's your eye for the visual I have to tell you that I forgot to put a link to the photo site...I will do it right now. Love to you, friend. <3

  20. Tim Irving, thank you for adding yourself as an OWL blog follower. I couldn't find your blog...but I wanted to tell you welcome. Love to you. <3

  21. My heart goes out for you, my dear bloggy friend. My mother died 12 years ago and I miss her every day. You're so involved atm with the documentary that things must so be at the forefront of your mind - it can't be an easy time and I sometimes think of you

  22. Mrs. French Fancy, thank you for your visit and compassion. I know that you celebrate mother's at a different time in England/France but you likely honor your mother everyday. Like Elizabeth said...let us who have lost our mother's celebrate them with joy...Love to you, Rocket Dog fan! <3

  23. Because of you, a part of your mother lives on and is passed onto your children. Happy Mother's Day dearest Cynthia.

  24. A wonderful tribute Cynthia - not only to your dear mother but to all of us who are mothers. It is an exciting, rewarding but at times difficult road and to be loved and appreciated by our children is the very best thing in the world. xv

  25. Sheila, thank you for your visit and comment. Yes, I do think a bit of my mother resides in my daughter, too. I see her in my sisters as well...and I suppose she is expressed through me. Thank you for your insight. Love to you <3

    Thank you, Vicki, I'm overjoyed that you understand that this appreciation for nurturing love is to all who give support and not just my own mother. I agree that the feeling of appreciation from our children is a genuinely satisifying feeling.

    Last night, my daughter wanted to do something for me...and she asked if she could do my nails. She painted them a dark mauve, quite dark... I have never had my nails painted so boldly...I go for the clear, French tips are my limit! Still, whenever I see my nails, I see my daughter's gift and my fingers feel loved! (Naturally, all of me feels love, too. :-))
    Love to you, Vicki <3

  26. The sunset is such a gorgeous tribute to your umsie! I' sure that she's smiling down on you today and everyday! Now I get to rock out on your blog by watching soe groovy videos! Cool! ((Hugs))

  27. Marie Isabelle, I hope you enjoy the three versions of "I will always love you" (if you have to patience to wait for them to download !) I listened to a 1972 (?) recording of Dolly...she changed her style of singing over the years...and there are also several duets and young people`s a popular song! Love to you. <3

  28. What a nice tribute to your mother. This must be a bitter sweet time for you and it's so like you to focus on the sweet.

  29. Sarah Laurence,
    Thank you for your visit and uplifting comment. I hope you had a lovely day with your children. Love to you <3

  30. Hello my friend! I can't believe blogger is going to let me comment today!!
    Mother's Day is not the same without our Mother's is it? I did hear from children as I was in NC. I spent it with my dear friend Sherry Austin and will actually celebrate in June at my sons home in Oklahoma with all the kids, grans and the new great-gran!
    I think of you often, hang in there, it does get easier!

  31. Rose (clubskult), thank you for your Mother's Day wishes and I hope you also had a wonderful day. <3

    Carol, It sounds as if you have an exciting June celebration to look forward to! Great!

    I'm glad you were able to leave a comment...I took off a couple of widgets...the codes were probably overwhelming your computer.

    Is Sharry Austin another writer? I will come over and see what you have been up to! Love to you <3

  32. Happy Mother's Day to you as well! I too wrote one here-

    I think one just needs to replace the name and it could be about any mother...

  33. Good point, Reveda! There are so many wonderful people who dedicate themselves to loving and supporting another loved one. Love to you <3

  34. Hi Cynthia

    Just realised that you have already been awarded....but then I too have tagged you for "Honest Scrap Award" at my daughter's blog.....please visit there and take your tag...


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