Saturday, August 8, 2009

Waterloo; Moving Pictures

Summer's Goodbye

This is me at the end of summer vacation, capturing another moment to share with my dear blogging friends...

Now, it will begin.

Again...the daily drive across this bridge...

I do love the angular design.

How do you handle change?
I feel the upheaval and know it's necessary.
I feel the resistance and make myself stay with it.
I tell myself: I want to move along in life and this is the price.

These are the thoughts I ponder:
If good things are to come, we must all allow for change.
Change can be exciting.

Still, this change can be dreaded. It's a Waterloo!


The contrast must be met HEAD ON.

I'm getting myself hyped up for the next few months. I console myself with the thought that maybe I can still fit in a few walks around the Condado lagoon?

My friend, Daphne and beautiful niece, Tina-linda, smile for the camera, while we pause to take in the gorgeous view.

In an effort to keep our girlish figures, we've been walking around the lagoon this summer.
(Miss Daphne and Tina-linda have been quite successful!)

When we are close to the end of the walk, we often stop at the little park on Ashford Avenue to take a look at the sea.

Here at the park, I am having a chat in front of a Botello sculpture, this is the last walk before we all return to school.
(The song, See You in September has to be modified a bit in Puerto Rico to... See You in August which is when we return to school.)

As the semester begins, I have to remember to give
Michelle extra hugs and lots of love to the pups.

My little lovie-dovie, Buddy Holly (My Buddy), will miss my excessive attention.

And I must give Benico del Toro (Beni) an extra treat. He's such a good dog and he watches the house so well.

My brave Beni will be alone all he will be with the 'dirty dozen' - our rescued dogs.

I'm tempted to get moody. Just stay here at the park, and sit by the sea... but enough!

I must face my Waterloo ABBA Style! Won't you join me in singing into this shift? Let us celebrate our life changes! Why don't I buy some hair dye, get some sparkly platform shoes, and CELEBRATE!!! (Mama Mia- does it get any better than this? Hey Pink Cowboy! Don't you agree?)

Quotable quote: All that friggin yoga has made my feet bigger!! Tanya (Christina Baranski)


  1. Oh, Cynthia - back to the grindstone *sadface*. Your post was terrific, i always enjoy your stories - even at your expense (sorry!)Love to you.xx♥

  2. End of summer always makes me sad...Love your post..but am not looking forward to the fall and winter! Maybe it's because I'm still waiting for summer around here..the hot weather and sunshine never kicked in..(I'm almost starting to believe the global warming guy has never heard of this place...)-Seriously though I'm not ready to go back to school yet!

  3. Must have been in the air yesterday. Alone at home with torrential rains falling, I watched Mama Mia (again) while knitting.

    These long weeks off would be just enough for me. Enough to entice me to never go back. I'll not get anymore summer vacation (2 days total) this year. I do have another long weekend in September and 10 days in October.

    If I win the lottery, I will follow the weather so it can be summer vacation every day. You will be welcome to join me.

  4. Summer went by so quickly this year; it's back to school in August for our kids as well. I love the angular bridge unique. Lovely photos of you, your friend and dear doggies.

  5. Ahh! Change.. the one word that has made me introspect a lot recently. Somehow, in the midst of all those fabulous pictures, I could not escape the two lines.. Change staring at my face.
    From all the posts and pics, you've had a fabulous summer.. so hopefully you are all rejuvenated and refreshed and geared up to tackle it all :)

  6. A lovely post. Seems like you have had an amazing summer with lots of fabulous memories. Before we know it it'll be next summer again and we'll be wondering where all the time went!

  7. The pups,such soulful eyes :-)

    The angular design makes for a lovely arch to walk under.

  8. Well...when you look at it like that doesn't seem so bad. I'll have to rent that movie!

  9. Natalie,

    you're welcome to enjoy my angst...after all, I invited you to buy sparkly platforms and dance! Hope everything is improving over in your Australian neck of the woods. xxoo<3

    Ms. Lucy,

    I guess you go back in September. I know what you mean about the return to school. I would love to see what summer looks like where you live. Canada reminds me of an 'English Michigan' because I used to go there for day trips when I was growing up.

    I think global warming means temperature change, doesn't it? If it is too cold than it should be, wouldn't that support the condition? See how I take jokes too seriously? That is the fault of Mr. Change! Enjoy the rest of your summer! xx <3

    Rudee, too definitely need a break. I bet while you were looking at those warm coastal scenes you felt a yearning for the sun. The light in that movie is incredible! I hope you do win the lottery! You could vacation over here in PR~ <3

    Mama Shujaa,

    I really appreciate the bridge too, it makes my life so much easier since it was finished this year. We used to have to take this snaky road. It was usually an ordeal because of the heat and the traffic jam. If you have a tendency to motion sickness it is trouble.

    Thanks for you compliment about my friend and puppies. We all enjoy a brisk walk! <3


    yes, change is the adversary that must become a friend. I hope you have a better time going through this transition than I am.

    I'm already missing my little puppies and my writing schedule. Thanks for your visit. <3

    Eternally Distracted,

    what a good spin you put on the change! Before you know it, summer is here again. I know it is the hottest time of the year...but I imagine myself in an artist's life...strongly influenced by European ideas.

    Maybe hours of creating, then a long lunch with fellow artists, followed by a nap, and more painting, writing, creating in the afternoon...maybe a little swim? <3


    My little puppies enjoy your praise...I am giving them your attention this morning. I haven't walked under the bridge, yet. I don't think it's actually allowed but there is an emergency lane. Thanks for the visit. <

  10. Teri, definitely!

    It's a must see-of course if you are an ABBA fan it's better but not necessary. I am trying to be upbeat, the pace is so different. Thanks for the visit. Missed you. xx <3

  11. gr8 2 c u in that cheerful frame C..keep up the smile..and all the best..

  12. Cynthia, I enjoyed your photos, and revisiting the Mama Mia finale--a perfect finale to this post!

    I am wishing you unexpected adventures (the GOOD kind) on your return to the school year...

  13. Yes, take the change head on! My brother is a football coach and any time I get nervous about change he says, "Attack the change!" It usually works. ; )

  14. I hated for August to arrive, to me vacation was over. My daughter returns to school tomorrow and my son returns to college in a week. We have all been together all summer long since my husband works at home and this summer my son did also. At times it was not the most pleasant..the 16 year old daughter and the almost 21 year old son still fuss and fight has had many, many enjoyable moments, the best being the laughs over stupid things. Probably will not have but 2, maybe 3 years left of us all living here so I know to cherish it, good and bad. I dread the rush and rigidity of the school schedule and all the homework my daughter has but....chin up, eyes forward and march on! I've been so busy with the family lately I've not had much blogging time at all. Hope you are all well!

  15. Cynthia, you always make me smile and chuckle! You bet about that climate change...but here- I think we're immune to that's always cold change-ugh! The saying around here goes like this: We've got 2 seasons...July and Winter. This year we've only had August 1st, no July, and so next comes winter!

  16. Ah, change. Yes, if better things are to come, then it will be through change. Still, it is unsettling! Thanks for this post. Love your blog. I visited San Juan for the first time in January--loved it. C

  17. if you keep your mind in a state of vacation, even the everday will have a sparkle... this is one outstanding post. brimming with positive energy!

  18. Great blog as always.Im loking forward to fall this year and I dont know why.Maybe the Hot hot days we have had here and more to come.Im just in a fall type mood.I know exactly how you feel when you want to stay put and not move on Ive had that before,but im ready for the fall.....maybe because I made some changes inside my homethis summer and its all cozy and inviting who knows huh?But life sure moves on right? lol.

  19. Oops I forgot about the doggies, they are sweet. I have a border collie and a westie.Yours look a bit like a border collie.

  20. It feels more like autumn today than summer - it's not been much of one here in Northern Europe. So, your dog day afternoons are almost gone. At least all the dogs can keep each other company whilst you go out and earn their dogfood


  21. Did you hear me laughing when I read that your dog's name is Benicio del Toro? Too funny.
    I always feel bad that people have to go back to school in August. It is that way here too. You seem to have had a nice summer though - anyway, I enjoyed your summer!
    Love to you,

  22. That bridge resembles one in Boston. I do love the design. Walking with a friend is the best exercise for both body and soul. Nothing else like ABBA.

  23. Terrific post. Don't feel so bad about going back, look on the bright side, though. There's still another summer to look forward to :-).

    Greetings from London.

  24. Nice post
    Nice Pictures
    Ciao ITalo.

  25. Lovely post, Cynthia with the nicest photos! Love the pups...but they need a cat to balance out their lives! Every dog needs a cat to show him how good he has it!...

  26. I love waterloo! You have such a sweet face. Glad to have found you through my fellow Cuban's blog.

  27. All good things have to end; but, then, we can dream again.

  28. Ramesh,

    thanks for the visit...and I will keep smiling! <3


    I appreciate your good wishes and I will look forward to "good" adventures. <3

    so glad that you enjoyed Beni and my summer series. It was fun to look at PR from a tourist perspective. Now, I'm going to focus on the details of living here a bit. I hope you had a nice break and are feeling better. xx<3


    the bridge is suspended...whatever that means...I guess there is room to go underneath and no middle support columns? Whenever, I think of a suspended bridge, I see the Amazon (or some jungle)with a handcrafted swaying bridge over the swiftly moving water. Thanks for the visit! <3


    yes, and Christmas too. You know how the six weeks of Christmas are in PR? The decorations, music and food start early and end the second week of January. It's a wonderful season here in Puerto Rico. I think it must be like that in Cuba too. <3


    thanks for your visit and comment.

    Italo, welcome to Oasis and thanks for adding your name to the followers list!<3


    oh yes, a cat is necessary! We have Miss Junie, the bold. Thank you for coming over. <3


    you are so welcome here! Thanks for your complement! <3
    Lakeviewer, yes, we have to remember to dream again! <3

  29. ~~~~~~~~~~
    Sorry that these comments are out of order blogger friends!


    excellent advice from your brother! -at least when the change is both necessary and wanted but you feel resistance. <3

    Artist Unpluged,

    you could be describing my life...including the kids and routine change! I agree we will feel much better when we get into the flow. xx <3

    Ms. Lucy,

    I've been thinking about what you said-two seasons! Maybe that's what we have here...the sunny season and the rainy season. But how difficult to have winter for so long...the best part of winter is the contrast it provides to the other seasons. What could be more beautiful than an opening bud on a previously frozen cold tree? It's inspiring...woodland flowers, too. Thanks for the comment...your generous spirit is delightful! <3

    Stickhorsecowgirls, what part of PR did you visit? I imagine it was Old San Juan. I'd love to hear about your trip. Yes, change is necessary. Thanks for coming over and reading! (Which cowgirl are you?)<3


    great advice about maintaining the "vacation mind". You have such a way with words...I look forward to sparkling days ahead. <3


    I would like the fall season too...we just get a slight seasonal change here. Give your two doggies a little pat from me. I think they look like border collies, too, and they must have some of that in their hereditary mix. They are called "satos" here...which is a bit of an means mixed race...but really means street dog. We have 12 dogs that I've taken to call the dirty dozen because they take my laundry from the line and carry it through the dirt. :-) but I'm really not overjoyed about that!<3

    French Fancy,

    I hope you get enough summer to satisfy your desire for sun. Cute comment! I've been thinking a lot about France lately and the bloggers I know who live there. I'm reading Julia Child's memoirs about her life there. Good luck on your OU course. You just had an exam, right? xx <3


    yes, Beni got his name from the actor. Mr. Oasis met him in town here a couple of times; he was approachable and wanted to talk about Puerto Rico's art, music, and education. Glad you enjoyed my summer series. xxo <3

  30. Sorry it is over Cynthia but you do look like you had fun while it lasted...Have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  31. Vicki, thank you! I enjoyed your "French hair" was fun. I think if I lived there, I would do the same. <3


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