Sunday, August 16, 2009

Wonderful Life: Paying Attention to Details

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Appreciating What's Around You

I draw my inspiration from Audrey Hepburn who believed that it is important

"not to live for the day-that would be materialistic-but to treasure the day. I realized that most of us live on the surface without appreciating just how wonderful it is simply to be alive." (quoted from Pamala Clarke Klogue's Audrey Style, 1999, pg 225)

Photo credit Alex Waterhouse

Didn't Audrey Hepburn become more beautiful as she aged? Of course she was incredibly elegant throughout her life, but I especially admire her humanitarian work for the UNICEF organization. She was genuinely beautiful both inside and out. (If you feel compelled to share with those in need please visit -Dr. Maithri Goonetilleke at The Soaring Impulse to help the people of Swaziland with their struggle against incredibly high HIV infection rates and dire poverty. Or for inspiration, look at the Imagine video that I posted at the bottom of the blog.)

I'm thinking about how to apply Audrey's insight to remember that it's ~~~~

Wonderful to be Alive


So you're walking to the parking lot, anxious about all that you have to finish during this first week of school. You don't notice the beautifully arranged rock artifacts. (That's Mr. Oasis walking, briefcase in hand, toward the car.) Don't forget the campus is beautiful.

Nature is everywhere!

Looking down...the Ceiba roots are ornate works of art and the Taino utilitarian rocks lead to the on campus museum. (Are they real?)~~~~~~

What a beautiful stone that might be used to grind or mash food? Now it's filled with rainwater.
Did you know that the Taino indians were the first people of Puerto Rico?

Imagine that they once walked right here on this same spot...and now they have mixed in with this diverse Puerto Rican population.


We must remember that it's a beautiful life...


  1. What a lovely quote from Ms. Hepburn. I love how you chose a non-traditional photo of her. Not the stereotypical one of her from "Breakfast At Tiffany's" In her LBD with her cigarette. I think it is important to remember how important it is to be alive and I think your blog reminds us all of that. You are the epitome of someone who takes her life and squeezes every bit of joy out of it and shares it with the world. You have taken so many beautiful photos, walked us through a gorgeous country, given us wonderful history lessons---and this is all because you have such a passion for your life and its surroundings. Your blog really is inspiring because it represents you--a human being who "treasures" every day.


  2. Treasure each day, yes. Even if I didn't accomplish all that I planned this weekend...I will treasure falling into bed on clean sheets and closing my eyes...

  3. Wonderful post. So true, cherish each moment, the good ones and the bad because the bad can teach you and also make you appreciate and look for every blessed moment!!! Hope you have a wonderful, memorable Monday!

  4. Inspiring post, Cynthia, including Ms. Hepburn. Everything connects, yes?

  5. Cynthia
    This is an inspiring post and I love the photos. Speaking of photos your look is very free spirited.

    I have been in and out of blogging for a work busy summer. I am loving being back and was grateful to see your post today appear on my dashboard!

  6. I am sitting here, looking at the sun, dappled through my flowering Australian Natives, and thinking AAAHHH! Lovely post to go with my view.

  7. Oneof365, thank you for sharing your lovely thoughts. like everyone else, I strive to see but sometimes my vision gets cloudy. It's nice to be thought of so positively. It's people like you who make it easy to appreciate all of life. xxoo <3

    Teri, when you mentioned that you were busy this weekend, I thought of your life with the cats. I also spent time treating my puppies and dogs for an inbred skin condition. They like the attention but not the medicine! There was a lot I didn't do this weekend also but I will do it this morning-at least as much as I can. It is wonderful to fall into a clean bed! Have a good week. <3

    Artist Unplugged, so true. I read somewhere in the blogosphere -maybe Amy Uncensored-about not wishing time would pass. You know when you are at work or doing a difficult task.

    It made sense to me because we often forget that this is our life...and we're wishing to shorten it. Still it's natural to was difficult times to pass. Right now we're getting a tropical storm. I'm hoping it passes! <3

    lakeviewer, thank you and yes, if we take time to reflect, we do find so many connections. <3

    how nice of you to call my look freespirited...I hope to be easygoing about my my look and life though it's not always the case. You're a sweetie for saying so though!! I noticed your absence and I'm glad you're back to blogging.<3


    your Australian sun and beautiful day are enhanced by your appreciation! Thanks for sharing your own beauty with me. <3

  8. spending some time with nature is best for us :)

  9. Inspiring post. Photos nice (each thing with Miss Hepburn in beautiful) and what you write is inspiring. Brava :)

  10. Every day is a gift, and so is your blog that almost always reminds me of this.

  11. We take so much for granted and are always planning ahead, thinking about the future and the past and never really living in the moment. Each moment is different from the next - it is now and we should just live in it really - easier said than done


  12. Yes, Audrey Hepburn was gorgeous inside and out. Thanks for this beautiful post, Cynthia. I always enjoy seeing your exotic neck of the woods. I am going to treasure this summer Monday!

  13. 'treasure the day' perfect! much better that 'living for the day'. and how right you are. nature, trees, birdsong, pups running with abandon, kids chasing each other on bicycles, all these things i've seen today, and beautiful they were to observe...

  14. It's been a difficult time recently for me and my son, but now life is back to being beautiful... sure we still have the troubles, but i write this with a small vase of three fragrant pink roses out of my garden next to me. And every waft of scent reminds me I'm lucky to be here.
    Thank you for this lovely post Cynthia.... love the song BTW

  15. exposemaximum,yes nature offers spiritual/emotional healing and rejuvenation of life. <3

    Italo, thank you for your compliments and the second visit! (That I know of...) You are welcome here at Oasis.

    Rudee, thank you, blogging buddy. I hope we can all uplift and support each other. <3

    French Fancy, yes, the planning and moving without knowing where our feet are! Here's to noticing the present moment <3 !!

    Willow, thank you, and I love to look around your side of the world too...especially the art world you create! HAPPY summer week!

    Shadow, thanks for sharing your gentle poetic presence here- I so appreciate your visits and writing. <3

    Fire Byrd, so sorry to hear about you and your son's difficulty. And how wonderful that you focus on the beauty right in front of you. That's my strategy in times of trouble, too. Take care. xxo <3

  16. Yes, Audrey Hepburn was beautiful physically (green with envy!!) but also a warm and lovely person.

    Was so interested to see pictures of your campus.
    I can't get my brain round the idea of school until September.
    I'm cherishing being rather too hot in upstate New York.
    All best wishes for the coming school year.

  17. My husband is from Guatemala, where Ceiba trees are the national tree! So, there they are protected, and it is illegal to cut them. Although you see them everywhere in the country, we saw many gorgeous ones in Tikal, near the Mayan ruins.
    PS, Audrey was indeed elegant and beautiful all her life.

  18. Audrey did age so beautifully.
    I look for beauty everywhere I go, every minute of the day. Yesterday I found a tree full of green parrots, which aren't indiginous to this area. Had my camera with me. Little things like that make me unbelievably happy.
    I'm with Elizabeth - just can't get used to thinking 'school' in August. Goodbye summer. (Hooray!)
    Catherine xx

  19. hi cynthia, I have missed you now that you are back to work and I bet you are a bit missing your free time and summer ~ perhaps you have summer always down there?

    this is a lovely post and photo of audrey...I just love her and everything she did...she is definitely so beautiful and only more so as she aged...loved that grinding stone rock and wish I could find one around here, where the Pomos lived...right where I do but do you think they left me a grinding stone?? do you?? hmmmm...I digress...a lovely topic and loved seeing mr. oasis!


  20. Audrey Hepburn knew the magic of aging beautifully – much better than this Botox generation. You are right that it was what she did to help humanity that makes her all the more beautiful. The song video was fun and upbeat – love the message.

  21. Thanks for such a lovely and thought-filled post. The post brings to my mind lines from Lord Byron's poem 'She walks in beauty'.

  22. Mr. Oasis...that's hilarious. Madam Oasis I think you are just tops. What a beautiful post. I love to see beauty in uncommon objects. Audrey Hepburn is an icon for both elegance and grace. I'm dying to read your post on Puerto Rico, I'm slowly catching up. What can I are brilliant.

  23. So true ... I do feel quite blessed that I m a person who does slow down to take in all the incredible beauty and wonder, especially in nature - which is always "all" around us - everywhere.

    Thanks for stopping by Black Street- my photo of zinnias is taken with my old vintage sx-70 camera and polaroid film which has been discontinued for sometime - I have a secret stash.

    xo S & les Gang

  24. thanks C for yr kind message..cheers and best wishes always..

  25. Thanks for this wonderfully uplifting message.
    I also enjoyed the link to the Victorian home. Wow, double porches!
    Thanks for visitng me in sunny Florida this morning...

  26. This was a beautiful post Cynthia!
    I have always admired Audrey Hepburn's humanitarian work.

    I am visiting the American West and have been appreciating life and its beauty as I see so many new sights. The world has so much to share.

    Happy "back to school"!

  27. dear Cynthia,

    how much fun i've had catching up with you! I'm so glad you continued with your theme of showing us more of your lovely island. And i always love to see the photos of you too!
    I've always been inspired by Audrey Hepburn, many years ago I watched her in an interview, she was older, I think it may have been right before her death. But the graceful way she came across, so humble and beautiful in a simple way, Life was beautiful. I knew I would never be afraid of ageing when I saw her that day. I told my Mom that that was how I wanted to be someday.

    thank you for reminding me.
    good luck with back to school!
    ♥ lori

  28. Oh Cynthia, it is truly a beautiful life and Audrey's beauty was so noticeable because she knew this. Her beauty was so lovely on the outside because it was pouring out of her from the core of her being. At least that is what I believe!

    Thank you for such a great reminder and a beautiful post!

  29. How wonderful to walk with you my friend,

    Graciousness surrounded all that Audrey Hepburn did... What a beautiful thought to remember to 'treasure the day'.

    Thank you for the wild love you give the world each day,


  30. What a wonderful post, Cynthia! It is a beautiful life. It's great to slow down... and to stop and smell the roses :-)

    XO from Holland

  31. It is wonderful to be alive! You can never take it for granted. ; )

  32. Boy, did I need this entry just now. Yes, she WAS more beautiful as she aged. And yes, treasure the now.

    I had been watching a show on Martha Graham and how desperately she tried to hold onto her youth and it had thrown me toward despair and now, Cynthia, you rescue me.

    Thank you.

  33. Thank you for this beautiful post, a walk through loveliness in things ordinary and extraordinary. It IS beautiful to just be here, even when things go wrong or plans fail.
    I hadn't seen that Audrey Hepburn quote before, and it is perfect.

    I wonder what the Taino woman at her grindstone would have had to say?


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