Sunday, October 4, 2009

Wisteria and Sunshine: Mrs. Fisher!


Classified Ad:

To Those Who Appreciate Wistaria and Sunshine. Small mediaeval Italian Castle on the shores of the Mediterranean to be Let furnished for the month of April. Necessary servants remain. Z, Box 1000, The Times.

(Punctuation and spelling is true to the original text.)

Have you seen the film, Enchanted April? I confess that I have seen it more than 50 times. It's based on the 1920's book of the same name by
ELIZABETH VON ARNIM. (It's available for free online at Gutenberg Online-just click on the book.)

It's also a musical comedy by Mathew Barber (2003), Wisteria and Sunshine, but I haven't seen it. I like the title though, Wisteria and Sunshine, it brings to mind the Italian castle mentioned in the ad above. (wisteria photo credit)
Enchanted April is set in a time of social change after World War I, when British women were learning to find a new role in society. The story is about a reconciliation between men and women who realize that they can live together and celebrate life. Nature and a strong dose of sun begin to thaw chilled hearts and closed minds. Inhibitions gently leave while love finds a place to thrive.

If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend it.

My favorite character is Mrs. Fisher who is played by Joan Plowright. (I am David 2004/Tea with Mussolini 1999) who is not the focal point of the movie but simply a brilliant secondary character; and it is her transformation that impacts me the most. Mrs. Fisher is an elderly well-read widow who is both powerful and severe. I hear her criticism in my mind, "Lax, lax!" because no one has come to dinner on time. And I feel her resistance to San Salvadore and the flood of love threatening to drown her in delight, "I will not let it get to me."

In the film (but not the novel) her inner state is communicated by a desire to paint, which she severely controls... later, we see her painting flowers.

Her transformation is complete when she accepts Lotty's (Josie Lawrence) affection and promises to continue their friendship. This movie is a reminder that there is good in the world if only we allow ourselves to see and feel it.

(photos from the movie)

And on that note...!
It's my BLOG's birthday! Today, Oasis Writing Link is one year old! I started out awkwardly uncertain and now, much like Mrs. Fisher, I can open my heart to my dear blogging buddies.

Thank you for reading me this year!! And I thank you for honoring me with your own life stories and sharing your experiences with me. I appreciate every comment you have left here!

I send you all love and Besitos (little kisses)!


Here is a charmingly awkward moment to share with The Beatles as they try to remember the words and music to Besame Mucho (Kiss me much)


  1. the movie sounds like a delight, will keep my eyes open. and happy blog birthday!!!!!!

  2. Dearest Cynthia,
    so first, happy happy blog birthday and thank you for brightening our world too with your warmth and cheerful attitude. Your comments always make smile and i send you a big hug and muchos besitos too !

    second, i'v never seen this movie and must see it!

    Have a great day, guapa!

  3. Dear Friend, Happy Blog Birthday!
    I am so happy you chose to blog and chose to befriend me in this blogworld! I dearly love you! I will add this flick to my NetFlix!!

    xoxo * MUWAH *

  4. That film sounds right up my street and I've got this inkling that I might even have seen it - you know what it's like - it's so hard to remember the books one has read and the films one has seen

    Happy Blog Birthday


  5. Sounds my sort of movie.
    Happy Birthday Blog
    Terrible Beatle song, just terrible.

  6. Oh that sounds so good.I will check it out.Thanks for sharing and Happy Blog Birthday!

  7. I totally love this movie and Joan Plowright too. Did you know Von Arnheim was a cousin (I think) to Katharine Mansfield. I first read of E. Von Arneheim in fact in one of Mansfield's journals as she goes to Italy (I think) to visit her. Congrats on one year of blogging

  8. I have not yet read the book, but I love the movie! In fact, we watched it just last week. Again. :D

    Happy birthday, Oasis!

  9. Imbuing a blog with life for one full year is no different than living a year onself, so it is as much a Happy Birthday to your blog as to you :-)

    Was I am David also a book by the same name? If yes, then I might have read the book.

    Wisteria and Sunshine is a name full of promise. Need to see the film now.

  10. I'm off to netflix the movie now, but first let me wish you a Happy Birthday Cynthia! I hope this'll just be the first of many!
    Sending you a virtual chocolate cake with raspberries on top ♥

  11. Thanks for bringing the delightful movie back to me. I’m a big fan of Joan Plowright.

    Happy first birthday, OWL! I’ve enjoyed this first year and look forward to many more. Lots of love!

  12. Thank you for the movie recommendation...Enchanted April sounds exactly like my kind of film Cynthia. Happy blog birthday to you and may I wish you many, many more. xv

  13. This is such a lovely film.

    Have you read Elizabeth and her German Garden by the same author?
    How are you?
    I feel sort of out of touch somehow!

  14. Happy Blog Birthday! I'm glad I found OWL...
    The review is superb.. I haven't seen the movie, will now do :)

  15. Hi friends,
    What wonderful comments you have left here. I'm 'enchanted' with your warmth. I know it's time for a new post but I'm off to the doctor. My girl has been sick but is on the mend...I send love to you all. xx

  16. Hello Cynthia!

    Expect to hear from Debra kay soon . You are most
    welcome on blogland lane. We are a great bunch!


  17. Happy Anniversary, Cynthia, and may your many friends enjoy wisteria and sunshine together. One day, we ought to meet!

    I too have enjoyed this movie many times.

  18. Happy Blog Birthday!

    So glad to have virtually met you!

    I love a good period piece, especially with a worthwhile story. I recently watch some of 'The Buccaneers.' Not worth anyone's time except that the clothes and jewelry were fantastic.

    I will have to put 'Enchanted April' on my list. Peace to you.

  19. such joy...
    that Beatles footage!
    yumm. love the innocent, knowing energy!

    thank you!


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