Sunday, February 21, 2010

It's Raining in Puerto Rico

Oasis Weekend and it's Raining

The sun is teasing through the clouds but light showers are predicted. What do you do when your house-bound? I thought of making croissants today. (I read that Mrs. French Fancy is touring Paris-that must have started the fantasy.) I've never attempted it because it's too great a challenge. I think the deft skill required to make a light texture for that crunchy buttery bite is beyond me-at least for now. Still, I think many of you have had success with this tempting French delight and I'd love to read your success stories. (I think I will just go and make some crunchy wheat toast!)

Yesterday, in spite of the rain, I went for a walk along the river in Bayamon.

(Paseo Rio Bayamon) It's not that I'm so determined, I had the time to spare while my daughter was touring the estuaries and learning about water in Puerto Rico. (What happened to my umbrella?) I casually walked a 5k course, took photographs, sneezed and reassured myself that it was okay to get just a little wet. Honestly, I love walking in nature. When they opened this walking path a few years ago, I was determined to share it with my family. I'm sorry to report that to this day, my children consider these family walks a lesson in "Why I hate exercise". I remember their pleas, "It's too hot!" "Can we stop?" I would determinedly push,"Just a while longer. You will feel better soon." To this day, they think that I was too much of a boot camp mom. Sigh.
Why do I like this physical struggle and success? Maybe hiking/walking is easier for me because I'm inspired by nature. It gives me a kind of excited energy that pushes me forward. Perhaps when they get older they will appreciate the effort? For now, they only remember sweating in the bright sun and too many blood-sucking bugs. I've learned to back down and let them move at their own pace but to this day neither one of them will walk with me! On the positive side, I have enjoyed many thrilling walks with my nieces, nephews and husband. The most exciting walk was to the top of Half Dome in Yosemite (California). It took all day to arrive and return just before dark. Again, my pushing ways were not appreciated. I distinctly remember being serenaded by bitter words and complaints about lack of drinking water. (Again- sigh...)
In my youth, I was influenced by Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau- you remember transcendent nature and Walden Pond? I believe nature has the power to transform- it certainly revitalizes me. Still, I think I should follow the words of Emerson when it comes to pushing others to connect with nature:
Adopt the pace of nature; her secret is patience.


  1. LOL! I have noticed though, that even though the sun is shyly creeping through the clouds,there has been no hesitation of the loud broadcasts from the tops of cars! So sad my spanish is so weak, I can only make out bits and pieces..Glad you found solitude and peace on your walks though...Enjoy!
    PS my kids the same, not much interested in nature yet...maybe when there older.LOL!

  2. Hi Island Moments! You must be from around here because I have been hearing the blaring speakers all day Sunday. We were down in town looking for water. I hear there will be no water until Tuesday! Tonight a slow trickle started, I quickly filled up the extra buckets and containers. Thanks for the visit!

  3. Gosh, Cyn, I would never attempt to make croissants - but then they are too fattening for my present goal of extreme weight loss.

    You sound so energetic and full of life. I walk the dogs every evening but it is not a pleasant stroll - it's more a march around either along the canal or lake or streets and hoping they won't see another dog (they get uber-excited).

    I'd be like one of your kids really - are we nearly there? Is it over now?

    Hope you are doing well

  4. C gr8 to hear fm u friend..thanks and best wishes always:)

  5. I think I will have more success walking and learning patience from my forays with nature than I ever will from making croissants! xv

  6. I am in Isabella for a time...It seems though that the cars with speakers on top are island wide...LOL! Still don't know enough spanish to catch their messages...:)
    PS need water? Let me know...have plenty!

  7. nice words to contemplate. miss you're looking gorgeous :)

  8. Where did I put that copy of Walden Pond? I got to go dig it up now!

  9. Walking my dog every day means a crossiant for breakfast....
    Walking is a joy I've only discovered in the last four years. It's one of the very good things to come out of getting casncer!
    There is nothing more wonderful than a walk near water on a warmish spring day to set my soul alight.
    My eldest son who lives in London he loves walking and my youngest thinks walking is something he does from his car door to the front door!!!

  10. Gawd it would help if I read what I wrote before publishing. Not only bad English but can't spell cancer.... my excuse is not having had my breakfast yet!!!

  11. It’s raining in Maine too but snowing everywhere else. Poor umbrella! I didn’t risk taking mine on today's dog walk. I know what you mean about the forced walk with kids. I was shocked when my two volunteered to come with me today when it was so nasty.

    Yes, I’m with you and Emerson and Thoreau on the power of nature. Now how about some tranformative sun?


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