Saturday, February 27, 2010

What? No Water?

Oasis Weekend: All that rain last week and now no water?

Have you ever lived with little or no water? It certainly brings your attention to how necessary water is in our lives. Though I'm not sure of all the specifics, I know that water service is not completely reliable in this country. Recently, I read about a delightful water protest in Luquillo where residents gave a birthday party to the un-repaired water main! Cumpleanos feliz!

Happy birthday dear broken water water main...

Clever idea.
The main is on the mend!

I live in a rural area.
When people ask me, "How many dogs do you have?" I answer, "A country dozen." Some of you know about my ill-conceived-but-improving-animal shelter project but did you know how much water dogs need to drink? We are buying plastic water jugs from Walgreen's to provide them with enough water. Poor babies! The water came on for a short time tonight. It was at a little less than half pressure. I went around doing all of the essentials. I awoke everyone with, Quick take a shower! Do you need to wash your hair? Then it was on to the kitchen to wash the mounting pile of dishes!

My cooking is curtailed this weekend because of the water situation. A good friend, Mark, loaned me his grandmother's aebleskiver cast iron pan, with the intention of sharing a recipe for this Danish dessert. (-round shaped and filled pancake) We had made them together at his country house last summer. What a fun activity! My daughter and I added too much water to the chocolate sauce and the three of us made an impromptu decision to thicken with cream cheese. (Oh my diet!) It was a fortuitous mistake for the creation of great chocolate dipping sauce.

It is made up of two bars bittersweet chocolate, half coup of cream and 4-6 oz of cream cheese. The chocolate is melted in a double broiler (or microwave), add the cream, then blend in the cream cheese with a food processor.

Aebleskivers get their name from the apples that are placed in the center of the pancake ball. (Click on the link above for a recipe). I think I inspired myself to go forward with the project for Sunday's breakfast- water or no water!

Speaking of you remember my resolution to exercise? I comfort myself with the thought that it's all a process. I am mildly on track. ( that rationalization I feel coming on?) I signed up for the weight tracker so I can inspire myself to continue to lose weight. When I entered the data, I found that my BMI (Body Mass Index) means "overweight". ( Gulp, shock.) I like the program though. In my mind's eye, I imagine that the weight readings going down. I just love graph-your-life gives one such a sense of control (false?!).

This evening, I did get some exercise while quickly washing the outdoor tiles before the water is turned off again. I have never noticed how doggies' smell can be so overpowering! I was eager to get that tile scrubbed clean.

Out of breath but exhilarated about the fresh (!) again night air, I say goodnight to you all.

Happy abeleskiver making! (If you dare!)

May you have a lovely Sunday breakfast tomorrow morning
( -and absolutely no weight gaining anxiety) !
photo credits- abelskiver pan,


  1. And I complained about too much water? We have to conserve in the summer,btw, because we can't replace our waterworks that lose 50% of the processed water. Most municipalities have old pipes and processors; nobody wants to raise taxes to upgrade these old and decrepit structures. We are slowly sinking in ruins.

    I do know the feeling of water rationing!

  2. Boy those look good. Thanks for sharing the recipe! Is it serendipity that you started out talking about your water challenges and me posting a painting dealing with that same issue? I hope all else is going very well for you and your family Cynthia!

  3. water protest...omg v used to struggle so much for is predicted that future wars will be over water..hope that doesnot happen...cheers friend:)

  4. We take so much for granted really, the turn of a tap, the flushing of a toilet. Thank goodness the water came back on - but good on you for looking after so many dogs, Cyn. I didn't realise you had so many


  5. I hope the taps flow freely very soon Cynthia....xv

  6. Rosaria, I can relate! Old pipes and broken mains! May yours be repaired soon.

    Sheila, I made the recipe today. I think they were fine...we just can't decide if they are dessert or breakfast. (I think we overate!)
    We are all fine. Here's to plenty of fresh water!

    Oh R! I hope you are wrong! I visualize a future where there is no war. Take care!

    FF, yes, we do take the essentials for granted. I have to remember to appreciate. (p.s. I appreciate you!):-)

    Thanks, Vicki!

  7. I giggled when I read the first bit of your post. Last Monday I had to stay at home to look after my son who was ill. There were some repair works going on in the front of the house and they cut the water for about half hour. I felt sick. Literally sick. The thought of not having water (in the end it was only for ten minutes) was too much to bear. You're so right, we take so many things for granted.

    Greetings from London.

  8. Yes, water is so vital, and needless to say, always seems to come in the much too much or much too little variety!
    When we were in Morocco, there was a great drought and the resevoirs -- a huge lake -- was despairingly low.
    A young woman said to me: God will send rain.
    And this year he did - lots and lots of it!
    Here they turn off the water in the dog run in the winter and we have to bring bottles of tap water.

    Hope you and your family
    are all well.
    Greetings from NY

  9. Our well pump runs on electricity, so when the power's out, no water. You don't realize how many things you need water for until it's gone. Fortunately, the longest we've been without is two days and I thought I was going to die. I'm so spoiled.

  10. cynthia, water is the real currency of the world. i'm impressed with your good natured attitude and i'll bet the showers you manage to squeeze in are nothing short of awesome!

    i want to hear more about your efforts and work in p.r. i like how you see things!


  11. Thanks for your visit. We lived in the country for 9 years when 5 of our children were little and our water came from a well with a pump. Like Willow's when the electric was out no water, and that was a lot in the spring stormy weather or the cold freezing. Had to go all the way into the town to do baby diapers. No disposables then. Blessings

  12. It is so easy to become spoiled, and used to having water at the turn of a handle. Your reminder is very much appreciated that we are indeed lucky to have what we do.
    I symthesize with you on the calorie watching, I think being thin is overrated! as long as i feel good is what i tell myself!

  13. Cuban,I understand. When you are taking care of someone, you panic when some unexpected event gets in the way. Water is essential for health! Thanks for coming over to visit.

    QMM, yes, we are lucky to have more comfortable circumstances than in the past...but for the last five years, I have been washing all of the clothes by hand. Sometimes its not enjoyable but I like the natural feel of hanging clothes outside to dry.
    Diapers? Maybe that's just too difficult! Thanks for dropping by.
    Elizabeth, I imagine, in Morrocco, you had a great need for water. Isn't it dry? I never hear of anyone else buying bottled water for their dogs...a kindred spirit!xx
    when you get a lot of snow, you have to be prepared to lose both elec and water! Well I'm with you. We have that problem when it rains heavily. I don't know why we lose both because they are not connected but it happens to everyone up here. I love all weather in moderation- until I'm overcome by nature's power in a storm-I love that too!. (We are are spoiled.)

    kj,I hope you have a lovely vacation in the Caribbean! I think that the stories will keep coming as my life here in PR is a bit like a roller-coaster ride! xx

    Lori ann, yes, cool clear water! (but not too much-like the floods you had in CA) <3 (You are so thin!)

  14. What fun! I just bought a abeleskiver pan for my friend for her birthday from Williams Sonoma online. She loves to cook and bake and I knew she'll have fun trying different stuffings for them.

    Hope you get your water back soon!


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