Friday, November 26, 2010


Oasis Feature: Scenes Around Town

The long evening wait for the big sale!
Puerto Ricans border on being shopaholics-it's a consumer driven culture where everyone spends whatever they have on Christmas. Saving? Tomorrow will take care of itself! After a nearly five year recession - it started two years before the United States- you would think everyone would be broke, and Post- Thanksgiving-Friday would be like the fireworks that failed to go off. But no! The line is like a Ricky Martin concert event!

Is it true that last year a person was trampled to death at a Wallmart store in the States? Imagine all of that rushing in to save and spend a pile of money!   These people in the photograph are waiting in line at the K-mart in Rexville Plaza shopping center in Bayamon until the store opens at 3am. I asked the boys in the front, "What are you waiting for? What do you want to buy?" The older one said he was waiting (with his mom) to buy a flat screen TV and a microwave. I asked the younger boy, again, and he smiled and said " es muy divertido- it's very entertaining!"  Not to me!! I prefer to run the other way!  I'm off to bed!

If you celebrated Thanksgiving, I hope you had a wonderful time sharing a meal with family and friends. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to say thank you for reading Oasis Writing Link (TM) this year!
Oh ! I'll let you in on a secret. It's my birthday!!


  1. Hope you have a very happy birthday. Enjoy!

    Thanks for the pictures and stories of P.R.

  2. That's quite a line. A flat-screen TV must be sufficient motivation to endure the waiting in the line.

    Back here, not all merchandise is sold out of malls or marts, with individual item-specific franchises on the streets as well, one reason for distributing the buying crowd.

    But then if malls and marts benefit from discounts on wholesale purchases that they can then pass on to consumers will mean more people queuing up at malls and marts.

    It squeezes opportunities for neighbourhood entrepreneurs!

  3. Myrna, I'm happy to bring you a bit of home here on these pages. I appreciate your birthday wishes and hope you have a great holiday season.As you know here in PR Christmas is in full force.

    Hi Anil,
    Your points are well taken. Look at how detached the K-mart store looks! It's not at all warm, inviting or personal. Confession: My husband went into the sale crowd the next day to buy my birthday gift-a new ipod-and he saved 50.00! Temptation! Thanks for your comments, insight and wisdom. I'm all for locally owned businesses.

  4. A belated "Happy Birthday" to you, I hope it was a happy day with family.
    Wishing you a Happy Advent, and safe shopping!

  5. Thanks for your comment, Frances. I'll be over to see you gorgeous paintings- I especially love your Christmas book! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season!

  6. I haven't visited in a while! Saw your Chip In for House of Hope and am not sure how long it's been up but I saw it was empty. I donated $3, about the cost of a Caramel the ball rolling I hope :-)

  7. Thank you Teri for your generosity! I put the Chip in for House of Hope yesterday. I sincerely appreciate your gift! And thanks for all of your comments on the other posts! xx

  8. Happy Belated Birthday.
    you deserve the best.

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