Wednesday, November 24, 2010

It's Snowing in Puerto Rico!

Oasis Feature: Scenes Around Town

It's Snowing in Plaza Las Americas!

Crowds wait in anticipation for the first snowflakes to fall from the mall sky. Children wear Santa caps and imagine visits from the North Pole. Hey, wait!! We're in the tropics-palm tree, light breeze, bright sun...
Maybe it's the best of both worlds-a  Disney World Christmas without the cold? It reminds me of Christmas Up North and it's a bit confusing too: Where's the cold?  As suddenly as it starts, it stops. Parent's say, "Snow's over" and the children let out a loud groan, "Ohooo!"

Plaza Las Americas Shopping Center 
F.D. Roosevelt Ave 
San Juan PR 00918
(787) 753-5960


  1. Happy Birthday and HAPPY Thanksgiving Cynthia!!!

  2. Have a happy Thanksgiving Cynthia....and enjoy the snow! xv

  3. Thanks, Vicki. How charming of you to acknowledge our tradition. You have a generous heart! xx

  4. That's so cute. I had heard about snow in Puerto Rico but didn't know the details. Thanks. I remember my first real snow after moving to New York from Puerto Rico. I thought I was on another planet and couldn't understand how something like that could fall from the sky. (I was three years old.)

    I appreciate your pictures of my native land. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.


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