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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Poetry Speaks


a restful moment

~in a life that~

tends to go dull

~in flat moments~

too frequently grounded

~in anxious tasks~

and tense hope ...

Do you ever just need a little break from the hustle-bustle life?

Even a life that is full of tasks that you both want and need to do can feel overwhelming at times. Sometimes I start to wonder if I'm living the way I want to-where's the art? Where are those lovely moments? I can get so anxious that I feel sort of cocooned in a coping numbness that zaps the joy from my life. Poetry is an antidote to that feeling- as is art.


Recently, I started getting The Writer's Almanac delivered to my email address each morning. Blogger Dana mentioned that she enjoyed starting her day by reading a poem each morning. I followed up on her link suggestion and started a free subscription to The Writer's Almanac. It's such a pleasure to know that I will have that little treasure waiting for me each morning along with the sometimes dreaded business email that comes flooding in- along with plenty of spam! These photographs are views that I've taken just before going off to work in the morning. I imagine that many of you also take out your phone camera and like me, look for that inspirational view to capture and perhaps post in a future blog?


I've had exciting news this week. My daughter, Amber, was nominated for the US Presidential Scholar Program/award! It was thrilling to know that she scored so high on her SAT. She also just recieved another honor- The Provost Scholarship- it's a cash award for academic excellence that goes towards one of her colleges. Did I tell you that she's applied to ten universities? Each one has so much paperwork for the parent to complete. I get anxious about my obliglations. Will I forget an important deadline? Argh. Still everything that is a stretch (even for my own good) has that transition tension and anxiety- at least that's how I experience it. We're going to Colorado for a long weekend to check out a couple of universities soon. My "to do list" grows!

I'd love to hear how you all engage life with vitality and inspiration.

Visit Dana at http://djhoeschen.wordpress.com/

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Blogland Lane Introductory Post

Hi friends! Come over to Blogland Lane for a visit. I've just posted an introduction of myself and life in Puerto Rico. Maybe you would like to join a cyber-neighborhood? (I'm number 70 and there are about 30 spaces left!)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Life in Flux-Let's Talk Weather

Fog is rising up from the mountains. Lately, it's been so green and wet. Yesterday, was the first sunny day we've had for a week in Puerto Rico. It's drizzling rain again today. Continued rain is predicted for the week ahead. When the sun shines through for a few hours, the day feels clean and fresh.

I went to Michigan last week to be interviewed for the documentary again. It was a good trip. Before going, my days were packed with tasks. We had Christmas, New Years, 29th wedding anniversary, Three Kings Day; my daughter, Amber's, 18th birthday party, and several family member's birthday celebrations, which all involved my participation to a lesser and greater degree. Whew! Then I had to deepen my concentration to write a paper to submit for publication, do my part to help my daughter apply to 10 universities, and help my son, Alex, put out some personal and academic fires.

Now that's funny because he accidentally started a kitchen fire just before our big get together for the "Twilight" themed 18th birthday party. (Amber made Japanese paper lanterns to hang on the veranda, and the red-tinged light enhanced by candlelight set a romantic Victorian mood.) We all woke up to a house full of smoke and lots of shouting. The fire was put out. It wasn't too bad- melted plastic and burned pans could be discarded. The fan and light over the stove were melted and had to be removed, the white walls and cabinets were covered in an ashy film. Everything smelled of smoke for a week, but all was fine. (I guess we burned a lot of karma there! :-) We had a lovely evening dinner and celebration. My little girl is 18!

Do you see the spectre in the shadow behind me? (:-)
(Is it the ghost from Christmas past, present or future?) I'm standing in Oak Ridge Cemetery in Flat Rock, Michigan. It's a cold day spiked with light flurries. Confession. I love the snow. As I stepped out of the airport into the brisk night air, I pressed my hand into the cold snow and remembered my childhood thrill- "It's snowing!! It's snowing!"

There must be a few who share my pleasure, even in the tropics. During the holidays at Plaza Las Americas, we had artificial snow a couple times a day. How funny! The snow-ish flakes were not cold but created a visual sensation of a northern holiday. The children excitedly ran around catching the suds(?).

Some of them have never seen actual snow, and it was delightful to watch their enchanted faces.


While we've been having rain, my mind has been constantly visited by thoughts of the earthquake survivors in nearby Haiti. Rainy weather, I know from first hand experience, can cause mudslides. Join me in sending healing thoughts to our neighbors in Haiti, and do what you can to help.


The interview was a success, and I look forward to the film's release in 2011!

May all be well (as you negotiate the weather) in your lives.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year's and Resolutions

More Cookies Anyone?

What are your resolutions for the coming year?
I know making a New year's resolution can bring too much pressure (What about 10 of them?!!!)...and I know that often (usually?) they are broken...but what the heck! I just can't help myself. The beginning of the year is a great time for "goal setting"- yes, that's what I'll call it. On to my list of ten little (and possible) goals: five are on the more side and five are on the less side...
Do more of this...

1.Eat more fruits and vegetables
2.Exercise most days
3.Laugh often, relax and appreciate
4.Routinely take action to help someone
5. Gently tackle difficult tasks

And and the "let go side"...

6. Eat less and lose 10 pounds
7. Avoid unnecessary stress
8. Throw/give away stuff
9. Do "it" now (avoid procrastination)
10. Let go of negativity (Do your hair for goodness sake, Pittmann! Your roots are showing!-Whoops broke that one already!!)

PS. Don't you think I'm brave for posting an imperfect photo? :-)

What's on your list, dear blogger buddies? Do you have one big goal or lots of little ones? Did you decide to not make a resolution this year?

I wish for all of you a most beautiful love-filled year!