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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Writing and Walls: 7 Ideas for Overcoming Writer's Block

 Do You Need Some Ideas for Overcoming Writer's Block?

Recently, I confronted the dreaded writing problem above. I was involved in a writing research project about autobiography that lasted nearly five years. During that time, I learned many things about myself as a writer and how to deal with my own resistance. What follows is a partial list of ideas to try when you are suffering from any kind of resistance that becomes a roadblock between you and your own writer's journey.

l. Don't give up, just give in. Sometimes you need to go ahead and leave the page for a while. Go for a walk. Get a snack. Sharpen pencils. Wash the dishes. Just remember to come back and try again.
2. Start writing - anything. Write in a journal anything that comes to mind. Write a list. When some ideas start coming for your writing project, simply shift to the writing about the project.
3. It's no big deal. Accept that everyone who writes gets stuck. You are not inadequate or abnormal.
4. Trick yourself. Say to yourself, "I will just write a few ideas here, maybe one page and then I'll stop." Often times, you start to feel like working once you get over the resistance (and it's all about resistance.
5. Read about your subject. Caution: Remember that your point is to get ideas or get inspired so put the reading material away or go back to your writing screen after you cull some worthy bits of info or inspiration.
6. Bribe yourself. Seriously! Promise yourself that you will give yourself whatever you yearn for (a hot bath, a delious dinner, a funny movie, etc.) and then do it. If you don't give yourself the treat, you will not believe yourself the next time!
7. Cure boredom. Play music that helps you write. Go someplace unfamiliar to write (Starbucks?). Write on the run (while in transit).

Okay, this is just a preliminary list...feel free to make your own.

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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Feverish "Fish Pond" Mind

"Where are you going?" "What do you want?"

Chatting with a school of fish at the Sculpture Garden outside of the Museum of Art Puerto Rico (MAPR), I suddenly understood that all those worrisome thoughts were just "fish food" and nothing more.
Don't worry. Be happy...

Thursday, November 14, 2013

San Juan, Puerto Rico: Walking Along the Old City Wall

Enjoying the ocean view from the wall of the Old City
photo credit - Wendell Villanueva

Quality Time 

If you are looking for a way to spend your holiday vacation and you live in Puerto Rico. I recommend that you try an exercise that I assign in my Travel in Literature class called "A Tourist for the Day." In this activity, you decide to role play and pretend to be a visitor to the island. You might be delighted to discover that everything becomes fresh when seen with new eyes. How many of us do not spend time enjoying our very own backyard? Imagine if you live on an island and forget to notice the deep blue of the water, the intense green of the foliage and the rich history of the Old City.

In the day pictured above, I took many photographs of the views as seen from the ancient wall. After a long walk around the entire city, my walking partner (Mr. Wendell) and I ate at Cafe Manolins. I had a substantial portion of Mofongo and salad for an extremely economical price. Later, I found an incredible Fernando Botero sclupture that I still dream of possessing.

"Yoga" Botero - on my wish list and priced at $2,500

It's true that when you live in a tourist destination, you should take time to look around but this is also true wherever you live.

See the beauty around us and make it real.

We should always ask ourselves the question,

"What can I appreciate in my own backyard?"