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Cynthia Pittmann, PhD

Creative Nonfiction story: "Diamond Girl" Revista BETA, Delta Kappa Gamma, 2021.

Creative Nonfiction story: “Gogo Girl” Revista BETA. Delta Kappa Gamma. 2020.

Creative Nonfiction story: "Sugar Shack," Revista BETA, Delta Kappa Gamma. 2019.

Article: "Teaching Marginalized Populations with Graphic Literature: Folding the Edges Toward the Center in Creative Contradictions: Unsettling Resonances in the study of the languages, literatures and cultures of the Dutch Caribbean and beyond, Faraclas, N., R. Severing, C. Weijer, E. Echteld, W. Rutgers and S. Delgado. eds. 2019. Willemstad, Curaçao: University of Curaçao November 2019).

Article: “On Being Incarcerated in Puerto Rico: Employing an Autobiographical Pedagogy” in Faraclas, N., R. Severing, C. Weijer, E. Echteld, W. Rutgers and S. Delgado. eds. 2018. Breaking Down Binaries: Tidal Shifts in the Study of the Languages, Literatures and Cultures of the Greater Caribbean and Beyond. Willemstad, Curaçao: University of Curaçao.

Poetry: "Horseshoe Drive and Cracked Cement," Revista BETA, Delta Kappa Gamma. 2019.

Article: "Journal Writing Revisited: Taking Tradition into a New Era,” Delta Kappa Gamma Bulletin: Collegial Exchange, Vol. 85, Issue 2, 2018. http://magazine.dkg.org/2018/85-2/files/basic-html/page41.html

Foreword (to the poetry collection) En Mis Words: Spanglish. University of Puerto Rico, 2017.


Article: Mining Experience: Teaching Autobiography to Imprisoned Writers UMBRAL October 13, 2016

Foreword (to the novel The Indelible Heart)

Cynthia Pittmann. "Foreword."  The Indelible Heart by Marianne K. Martin. Bywater Books, 2011, pages i - iii.  

Interview commentary about the murders by Marianne K. Martin (located at Charles Henry Editing:

Were the hate crimes which were described in Love in the Balance based on an actual crime?

The hate crimes described in Love in the Balance are based on the hate crime murders of Susan Pittmann and Christine Puckett, committed in Huron Township in Michigan.  I was honored to have their daughter, Cynthia Pittmann, write the poignant Foreword for the sequel, The Indelible Heart.

Interview comments: El Visitante (2012) on learning English in Puerto Rico,

Sobre las nuevas tecnologías, Cynthia Pittmann, Directora del Departamento de Inglés de la Facultad de Estudios Generales de la Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR), mencionó a El Visitante, que éstas deben utilizarse como una herramienta educativa. “Una parte significativa del aprendizaje del inglés de nuestros estudiantes se apoya en la tecnología y el internet. En ciertas formas, los estudiantes pueden sobrepasar a sus maestros en habilidad tecnológica y ello representa un obstáculo para el manejo efectivo del salón de clases. Un ejemplo de este problema es cuando al maestro se le dificulta mantener la atención de los estudiantes mientras son atraídos por enviar mensajes de texto en sus teléfonos celulares o poner mensajes en Facebook durante sus clases”, opinó Pittmann.

Research Chapter: Conference Collection

Research on Jamaica Kincaid

"Jamaica Kincaid; Image Manipulation and Perception," In a Sea of Heteroglossia; Pluri-Lingualism, Pluri-Culturalism, and Pluri-Identification in the Caribbean. Eds. Nicholas Faraclas, et al. University of Netherlands Antilles, 2010. 311-318.

Several of my poems are published in this bilingual anthology.

Poetry Anthology: Festschrift

Several of my poems are published in this bilingual anthology,"Festschrift" and were written while a participant in the Faculty Writing Circle at Interamerican University, Metro Campus.

Festschrift; Homenaje al Dr. Carlos Varona Duque Estrada, Editorial Plaza Mayor, 2004. 128,136,141.

I Write
Privacy Fence
Living Underground

Sargasso Cover Jamaica Kincaid's literature, Four Women Writing the Caribbean.

Scholarly Journal Article: Sargasso

 Caribbean Literature Sargasso

“A Refusal to Negotiate: Transgression and Transformation in Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John, Lucy and The Autobiography of My Mother.” Sargasso 2004-05, II. 71-80.

Journal: La Torre 

Caribbean literature studies and autobiography are linked here.

“Agency and Voice in V. S. Naipaul's "Miguel Street"
Autores: Cynthia Pittmann
Localización: La Torre: Revista de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, ISSN 0040-9588, Vol. 11, Nº 41-42, 2006. 365-376.

“An Exploration of Jamaica Kincaid's Disorienting Disclosures in "My Brother"
Autores: Cynthia Pittmann
Localización: La Torre: Revista de la Universidad de Puerto Rico, ISSN 0040-9588, Nº. 36-37, 2005. 339-346.

Research: Writing Research Project 


This collaborative research project explores the meta-linguistic influence on student writing. The research was conducted at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras on August 2004 - May 2005. The publication can be accessed here.


Poetry Blog: Cynthia Pittmann 


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