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Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Feeling Disappointed? Sleep it Off


 Sculpture by Jorge Zeno: "LA NAVE DE LOS PINGUINOS"

Last Saturday after art class I had an undefinable and unsettled feeling. What is this about? I stopped at Treasures in Old San Juan to talk with the design connoisseur and shop owner, Sonia.  I told her how I felt disappointed with my art work that day and she asked me, "Are you getting a grade or something?" It made me realize that my standard for work has little to do with outside approval but more with inside resonance.
I think I was displeased because I failed to meet my own expectations, i.e., I didn't take risks. We were doing color studies and the idea of form and space was loosely addressed by four exercises.
My inspiration was blocked and I could only think of color rather than form.
Çolor moving all over the page...like water or a forest...
I painted backgrounds rather than a foreground images. What was that about? I worried that I wasn't being brave. Trust the process and not the product...go with it...sigh...

I love that "Bubbly" feeling and childlike sense of wonder that erases all sense of risk.
Here I am back to the page, brush in hand, ...armed with a little inspiration courtesy of Colbie Caillat :

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Old San Juan - Escuela de Artes Plasticas

Art for Everyone and Meow!

Just a little note to encourage you to visit this incredible art school. The fact that it was once an insane asylum just makes it all the more interesting!

The official description of the school informs the reader that the school was "once" and insane asylum,

"Our main campus is located in the 19th century Old Insane Asylum on the Moro Castle grounds."I wonder if there was a connection between the former and present clientele- all the cats and myself not excluded!!?  It's true that the cats around the school attend art class. Here's one who is just leaving her Basic Painting class.

Cat in ART Class

This orange kitty is on a break. Painting long hours can be so tiresome!

A tour of the "Escuela de Artes Plasticas,Viejo San Juan" can be viewed here:

See you after class!