Sunday, February 23, 2014


Beginning's End, Beginning

In the flow, rapid and slow
In the gaps, on the line-less
Space to down the feather
Comfort, gently caught in the
Breeze, tips brushing tiny

Moments of meaning, until
All evaporates and disperses 
Into cloudy and condencing,
Contracting and squeezing ...
Beginnings pouring out into
Boundary-less sky

Caught by gravity, pushed 
Down and pulled by 
destiny and desire filling 
Soil with essence, quenched,
Now flooded in pools

Splashed about by children 
In summer stripes and
Sun-suits, joy-splashers
Innocent and abundant...
More than complete, 
Spilling over in easy
Harmony, seen, absorbed

Delight in a corner smile 
Where another watches, 
Breathes and releases in-
To another life, in another
Moment, neither near or
Far, but close and certain
At end's beginning, 
Beginning ends.

~Meditations on a Sunday afternoon
 Cynthia Pittmann

Saturday, February 8, 2014



Life and Letting Go

Sitting on the porch step perplexed and
Pondering wherefore, whence and whatever! 
However, how come, hence and finally,
What goes around, comes around.
Return,  depart and what happened? 

My little boy is growing up, 
Just the way he should. He's 
Moving out and becoming 
All that he wants to be. 
I'm happy-sad, spilling over 

Confusion and curtailed honesty.
Must be strong. Be well. Be better
But my boy is moving out. Starting
To fly (I almost pushed him 
Out of this house-nest)

So say it loud!
Say it clear! Deep breath:
Be well! It's time. 
Bye hon. Bon voyage! (and 
Buck up, Mom.)

Sending love and hugs!