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Monday, May 14, 2012

What about Bob Marley?

Do you ever wonder about Bob Marley' fame and why it's lasted so long? Living in the Caribbean, I sometimes sit outside  Pizza Cono and listen to some great old Marley tunes like "One Love" and consider why this music continues to resonate with so many people in Puerto Rico and around the world. When my family lived in California our son Alex made a little CD with a cartoon face of Bob Marley drawn on the cover. It was a carefully constructed five year old's effort complete with an aluminum silver case and a wild reggae lion-man drawn on the front. I share that story because I think it shows how important Marley was to my young family. Certainly, I appreciated Marley's non-materialistic giving and compassionate nature as well as his talent. In Puerto Rico, I think he represents independence and an attitude of embracing all that life offers. Here's a recent article about his family and his current family legacy.

While 1 love.org is a charitable organisation devoted to spreading peace, love and good deeds, the family also runs the Bob Marley Foundation, assisting with the empowerment of the oppressed in regions such as Africa. They own the reggae label Fifty-Six Hope Road, while Tuff Gong Worldwide is a label formed by Ziggy, who named it after his father's original label with the Wailers. Rohan explains that his eldest sister Cedella makes all the business decisions together with Ziggy.