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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Maternal Moosings

Oasis Returns: A few notes on life, change and mothers

Espresso coffee with warm milk taste better than Mr. Coffee's rushed cup.

Do you start your day off with coffee? I can drink a pot of "American" coffee without getting "the jitters" while consuming two cups of Yaucono espresso could send me over the top. I usually get up early in the morning and put on the coffee- first thing. Though I have cut down my intake of coffee, I continued to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. (Haven't you been thrilled with the news that coffee could have some health benefits?) My motto: Healthy eating in moderation! Isn't that sentiment a contradiction coming from a lifelong vegetarian? I still like a bit of butter and cheese but lately, I prefer higher quality dairy products and avoid eggs.

This morning, I listened to the roosters crow and chickens squawk while I walked to the front gate of Green Oasis Finca. I have just planted a white rose bush that was given to me by nearly grown daughter, Miss A, which I, in turn, dedicated to mom because it was the anniversary of her murder on May 5. I found the physical act of digging deep into the earth and planting this ever-blooming floribunda rose, Summer Snow, the perfect way to connect and disperse this heavy laden grief that burdens me around Mother's Day. I feel refreshed and ready to get on with life. I just need a little sip of coffee, love from my family, and the company of blogging buddies to keep me thriving. I have appreciated the continued visits to my quiet Oasis blog, even though I feel like this black and white Holstein. Look at that face!
I have discovered that "girl cows" do have horns. And that in women, they hide under the surface until about the age of 50 years or so. My own horns are showing! Or rather I'm feeling a bit edgy-and it's not from the coffee. My daughter is soon off to college, and I feel strong pressure coming from that impending change in both of our lives.

My lovely daughter just finished this painting, yesterday.

Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad, but it's what's in the middle that most counts. So when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up. And it will! Hope Floats

Amber's Sun 5/2010


  1. I didn't know your mother was murdered, and so close to Mother's Day. No wonder you feel deeply sad this time of the year. I hope your own Mother's Day is restful this year. Start it with a great cup of coffee. Yes, that's my morning ritual too, and yes, I celebrate all news of the health benefits of my morning brew.

    Lovely painting by your daughter.

  2. Welcome back! I was just starting to worry about you. I love coffee but sadly it gives me the jitters. I get a cup of decaf as a treat occasionally and start my day with tea.

    A rose bush is a fine memorial to your lost mother. Tomorrow will be a bitter sweet day for you. My heart goes out to you and your family.

    Your daughter’s painting is lovely. I first thought it was a silk screen. I hope she keeps painting at college.

  3. Thanks for your comments San and Sarah! I'm coming over to read your blogs, right now. I will have to share your comments about the painting with Amber. Since you are both artist, I know she will value your input. I told her to keep painting in college, too.

  4. I, too, have missed you! I liked thinking about you planting that white rose and how it will bloom for you every year at this time...may it bring peaceful feelings floating up...that is hope.

  5. I love those last few lines Cynthia....glad you are back, xv.

  6. I look forward to pictures of the rose bush. :) Your daughter's painting is lovely.

    Happy Mother's Day, Cynthia.

  7. Happy Mother's Day, and how nice to have you back.
    Time seems to disappear when I'm gardening, it can be very therapeutic!
    That is a charming picture by your daughter. Will she be taking art at University?

  8. cynthia, it's good to hear from you again...i have missed you and thought perhaps you were too busy to blog....so many seem to have gone on that i have missed in their absence, like you...

    these last words made me cry .... they are so true....

    so happy to see you again♥

  9. I am glad you have popped into the blogosphere, Cyn. It's funny but I used to be such a strong coffee drinker and then about five years ago I suddenly found I had quite gone off it - almost overnight. I seldom drink it now, much preferring strong English tea or just plain and simple filtered water. Aren't I dull :)

    I love your daughter's painting - she has real talent.

    I hope that things are really okay with you. I know how us bloggers can sometimes mask sadness with a flighty piece. You have much to think about, my lovely friend and I find myself thinking about you from time to time. I wish we were neighbours and I could see your lovely face in real life.


  10. What an inspiring painting by your daughter. It expresses tender, youthful hope, the vibrant yet mute colors; tendrils poking out from mother earth, ever hopeful, ever joyous. You can just lose yourself in the blanket of purple and orange passion, drown yourself in the comfort of the blue waters....just lovely. You are blessed.

  11. Teri, yes, the walk to the rose bush will bring a feeling of peace. It so nice to hear from you!

    Vicki, thanks! You know they are quotes from the movie? (Hope Floats)
    I loved your blog reflection on Mothers and sons.

    Hi there! I'm afraid they are just branches with a bit of green right now. I will be sure to post a photo when they start blooming!

  12. Frances, nice to hear from you! I also enjoy gardening as a form of relaxation. When we moved here to PR and everything was so green and beautiful, I thought, why do I need to plant? Everything is done already! Still I enjoy growing flowers and a few vegetables/herbs for the kitchen. (Everything has to be protected from the mass of dogs here!) I hope Amber continues her art and music in college but her major is psychology.

    Linda, I'm happy to see you too. You know that life can get so busy, but I stayed away so that I would work on my off line writing projects.

    Also my son was on the internet too much and I thought it would be good for all of us to cut back. (I know he's nearly an adult but I'm still his worried mother!)

    There is a lot of change in blogland, yes, but new friendly faces suddenly appear! I will be over to see your painting work soon. Thanks for the visit, Ms. Linda!

    Hi Mrs. FF! I wish we were neighbors too. I would gladly occasionally switch to tea- my favorite is Earl Grey! Is my piece flighty? I try to be sincere but you know- who wants to read a bummer bit with their morning coffee...er tea? I'm fine though, really, so don't worry.

    I have a lot of catching up to do with you over at French Fancy though I have been reading from the links you posts on Facebook. xx

    Hi Mama Shujaa! Thanks for the detailed lovely feedback you wrote about Amber's Sun painting. I showed it to her last night and we both were delighted! She is fortunate to have an excellent art teacher at school who takes an interest in her development even though she's not in an art class. (Her course load has been packed with academic requirements.)

    I love the way you described the emotional connection to the earth- beautiful poetic words! Yes, I am blessed to be able to share and expand the love I feel for her with others like you! xx

  13. cynthiaaaaa...gr8 2 c ya back after a long long time...hey me a diehard coffee addict ya...and ya..What an inspiring painting by your daughter. take care..thanks for staying connected..best wishes always to u and ya famly dear friend:)

  14. Absolutely LOVE coffee...owned and operated a coffee house for a couple years and loved every minute of it! Definitely my warm wake up call in the morning! So glad you enjoy the same...And just LOVE your daughter's painting!! Go girl!
    My son wants to go to art school when he graduates. Love seeing a young persons passion for creating something they can call their own!
    Deep Peace and Love,

  15. Great sharing-of-the-heart session!
    And great painting from your girl!
    So sorry... your grief... your mom.
    I'm sure, only the supernatural can touch that deep of pain... and it seems to be so in your countenance.
    ~hugs from the states

  16. hi cynthia! it's so nice to see you again. i'm glad all is well with you. i so understand those big changes coming though. i'm preparing for it again too. it's going to be okay :) (that's what i tell myself) :)

  17. vicki, so nice to have you visit!

    Lori, Don't tell me you have another child going off to college?
    Thanks for the pep-talk...I've been telling myself that phrase for days. I'll go over to your part of the blog world in a sec- I hope everything is fine.

    Jill, thanks for your words of encouragement. I do draw inspiration from your outdoor painting work...your warmth just shines through.

    Thanks for reading! I hope your son gets into the art school he desires. It's so fortunate that he has a mom who will let him explore his creative side. I love to see young people create and develop too.

    R. Ramesh,
    Thanks for coming over all the way from India to read about life in this small island...it shows how we are all connected. Glad that you are well.

    Sending love to all of you!!! xxx


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